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Q: Do they still make fifty dollar bills?
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How many 2 dollar bills would make 100?

fifty 100 / 2 = 50

How many 50 dollar bills make 5000 dollars?

One hundred fifty dollar bills make 5,000 dollars.50 x 100 = 5,000

How many fifty dollar bills does it take to make five thousand dollars?

$5000/$50 = 100 fifty dollar bills ==============

Does the government still make 500 dollar bills?


How many fifty dollar bills does it take to make one million dollars?

1,000,000 / 50 = 20,000

How many 100 dollar bills make 500000?

Five thousand - one hundred dollar bills make $500,000.

show two different ways to make 17$ using 1 dollar bills ' 5 dollar bills and 10 dollar bills?


How many 50 dollar bills are in a bank bundle?

All US currency bills are originally bundled in bank straps of 100 bills after printing.*Because circulated currency is thicker, smaller bundles of 20 fifty-dollar bills may be handled by businesses and financial institutions, because it represents an even $1000. Other businesses will make bundles of 50 bills regardless of denomination.

How do you find fifty cents change one dollar?

How to fifty cents make one dollar

How many ten dollar bills make one hundred?

If you have ten, ten dollar bills you will have one hundred dollars. If you have 100 ten dollar bills, you will have 100 ten dollar bills...

How many 20 dollar bill would make 1000?

it would take 50 20 dollar bills to make a thousand dollars.

Does it take 20 dollars to make 1000 dollars?

No, you can do it all in 100 dollar bills or 5 dollar bills.

How many 20 dollar bills make 100.00?

Five 20 dollar bills makes 100 dollars.

How many dollar bills stack to make one inch?

You'd need about 233 one-dollar bills.

How many 50 dollar bills to make 1 million?

number of 50 dollar bills to make 1 million= $20000$1000000/$50 = $20000

When did the dollar coin become a dollar bill?

Dollar bills were first introduced in 1862 not to replace the dollar coin, but to be issued as paper money. Dollar coins are still being circulated around the U.S. The dollar bill and coin are circulating together, to make it easier.

How many bills to make one hundred thousands dollar?

It would take one hundred thousand dollar bills to make one hundred thousand dollars.

Do they make twenty-nine dollar bills?


Did the USA make 3 dollar bills?


How many 20s dollar bills make 70?


Do two-dollar bills still exist?

Yes, but not in the same amount as other dollar bills, but they are still made, and thus exist. $2 bills only make up about 1% of all the bills in circulation but that still amounts to hundreds of millions of them. That means they're uncommon, but not rare. The most recent printing was the 2009 series. Earlier series include 2003, 1995, and 1976. In circulated condition none of them are worth extra.

How many 20 dollar bills does it take to make 4000 dollars?

4000 ÷ 20 = 200 twenty dollar bills.

Do birds use dollar bills to help make their nest?

I know it sounds crazy but I heard birds rip up dollar bills up to help make their nests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are they going to make a new 2 dollar bill?

$2 bills are still being made. The must current series is dated 2008.

How many fifty dollar bills make a pound?

All U.S. bills weigh about 1 gm. regardless of denomination. One pound is equal to 453.5924 grams; therefore, one pound of fifty dollar bill equals $22,679.62 Also, this site has a Coins and Currency thread that is more appropriate to questions about, uh, coins and currency. Money and Credit is generally for questions about credit cards, finances, checking accounts, etc.