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All cars and light trucks built for sale in the United States after 1996 are required to be OBD-II compliant. Check out this site: Cheers

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Q: Do they still publish computer interface specs and codes?
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Can anyone check out your computer specs please?

Yes, anyone can check your computer specs by going to the system properties on your computer.

Is there a website where you can type in computer specs and find a computer?

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Are these specs good for a gaming PC?

Every computer and video game can require different specs to make the game run more efficiently. To know the best specs that you need check the game and the computer that is being used.

Is the computer your friend built for you good?

ill enter the specs in a second

How can one find out what the specs are for Sony computers?

You can find specs for Sony computers at the official Sony online store. Once on the page, you can click on a computer you are interested in to view the specs before purchasing.

How can you be able to play Guitar Hero on the computer?

You can purchase Guitar Hero III for PC from your local retailer, but the specs are very high. If your computer doesn't have high specs, you can download a program called "Frets on Fire".

Does your computer have bluetooth?

that depends on the computer check the system hardware specs you can do this by looking at the manual or going online to the computers manufacture

How do you make minecraft work for your Windows 98 computer?

Try getting KernelEx, but whar are the specs in your computer? laptop or desktop?

How do you get to the attributes on a Dell computer?

it's meant for seeing if you computer can run games but i use to see the specs on a PC

How much internal storage can you buy for your computer?

The amount of internal storage will vary based on your computer specs. It depends on multiple factors.

Can Call Of Duty World At War run smoothly on your computer?

it depends on your system specs

Can Sims 4 work on a Toshiba computer?

You'd need to specify your specs to get a detailed answer.

How can you tell if your computer will support a 2.0 hi speed usb?

The mother board has to support 2.0, if you have a purchased computer,say a dell,or hp, go to there website and look at the specs for it. If custom, go to the motherboard MFG website and look at the specs.

How do you check your specs on windows XP?

Hit windows key + se/break key and a window will pop up. This will give you the 'specs' for your computer and for your copy of Windows XP

What is the Timing specs for 1999 ford contour 4-cylinder?

the engine's timing is computer controlled. What timing specs are you looking for. What engine is it? 2.0l VVT engine?

Should you put games on your new computer?

If your computer can handle it, there's no reason not to. Just remember to check your computer specs against what's required. If you can play it, then go for it.

Can my hp pavilion 6b57nr play Skyrim?

There is a computer test where you enter your computer specs into the test and it will tell you how good or if it will at all run Skyrim.

What are the codes for greymond saves the specs?

level1 coral level2 nimble level3 hammock lavel4 firefly level5 anchor

Will all pc games work on windows?

depends on your computer specs.... if they are good enough then yes

How do you know if you can play the sims 3 on your computer?

check your computer specs if it matches the requirements of the game. you can do that by typing dxdiag in the run dialog box of windows...

What computer is affordable and good for gaming?

You should consult your son, on the specs his new computer needs to have. Then the two of you can check out You can also check

What are the tune up specs for a 2003 Chevy 2500 6.0l truck?

There are no tune-up specs it is all controled by the computer. The only thing you do is set the spark plug gap to .060 and change air and fuel filters. that is it. There are no tune-up specs it is all controled by the computer. The only thing you do is set the spark plug gap to .060 and change air and fuel filters. that is it. There are no tune-up specs it is all controled by the computer. The only thing you do is set the spark plug gap to .060 and change air and fuel filters. that is it.

What specs do computer nerds dream of having in a desktop?

Real simple: Go on the internet and find the most powerful, baddest, highest performance computer you can. Computer nerds dream of having a computer twice that powerful.

Are my computer specs bad or good intel core i3-2370M CPU 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz RAM 4.00 GB 64 bit most games give me 20fps or lower on lowest settings?

Those computer specs are on the low end. Most new PC games would crash on that computer.