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Do they still publish computer interface specs and codes?


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All cars and light trucks built for sale in the United States after 1996 are required to be OBD-II compliant. Check out this site: Cheers


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Yes, anyone can check your computer specs by going to the system properties on your computer.

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Every computer and video game can require different specs to make the game run more efficiently. To know the best specs that you need check the game and the computer that is being used.

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ill enter the specs in a second

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You can find specs for Sony computers at the official Sony online store. Once on the page, you can click on a computer you are interested in to view the specs before purchasing.

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You can purchase Guitar Hero III for PC from your local retailer, but the specs are very high. If your computer doesn't have high specs, you can download a program called "Frets on Fire".

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