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Yes, They still sell them

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โˆ™ 2012-08-10 03:19:05
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Q: Do they still sell Wii sports pack?
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What game that comes with the Wii?

Wii sports comes with the wii. That's why you never see it for sell.

Does rock band 2 come in a bundle pack for Wii?

Currently there are no packs for the Nintendo Wii other then the usual Wii Sports combo.

Is there a Wii sports a Wii sports 2 and a Wii sports resort or just a Wii sports and Wii sports resort?

There is only a wii sports and a wii sports resort, but no wii sports 2 thanks

If I am trying to lose weight should I use the Wii fitness accessories or the Wii sports pack accessories?

Wii fitness it will help keep track of everything.

Get Wii points on Wii sports?

You cant get Wii Points on Wii Sports

How do you cheat in Wii sports?

There are no cheats for Wii sports

Is there a sequel for Wii sports resort?

No, but it seems that Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to the original game that came with the Wii, Wii Sports.

Does a wii come with wii sports?

yes Nintendo wii does come with wii sports in a case

What happens when you pass level 2000 in wii sports resort?

you are still a pro

Is there a walk-through for Wii sports on Nintendo Wii?

There is no walk through for wii sports on the Nintendo Wii.

Does the Wii motion plus work on Wii sports?

The Wii MotionPlus does not work on the first Wii Sports game, but it does work with Wii Sports Resort which is being released in America on 26 July and in Europe on 24 July. *For me it works on both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort*

How much is a Wii with Wii sports included?

Wii sports comes free with the wii. The wii is around 120 pounds

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