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No. Toads do not like water, most people think they do but they actually don't they just drink it. How I know that, is because when it rains toads pop out of their holes and go under shelter because they don't want to get drowned from the splashes.

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Does toads like to swim in the water?

Yea, I love to swim with toads

Do toads need water?

Yes, like all living things on Earth, toads need water.

Do firebellied toads swim?

yes, firebelly toads swim in water and they also like land but they are mostly in the water

Do fire belly toads like cold or warm water?

Fire belly toads like warm water, preferring water around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do horned toads get water?

Horned lizards (Toads) drink water.

Do toads like the water?

Yes. Toads (certain frogs) need a moist environment, and begin life as aquatic tadpoles.

How do toads live in water?

Toads are not like frogs they do prefer damp places rather than the water, and often overwinter in garden pots under dying leaves.

What did Winnie's grandmother say about how toads get water?

toads soak in water from its skin

Do eastern American toads live in salt water or in fresh water?

American toads by fresh water.

What is in a toads habitat?

dirt grass water plants A basic forest like environment with lots of water.

What do tiny baby toads look like?

Baby toads look like small versions of adult toads.

What does a cane toad look like?

Cane toads look like any normal toad! They are called cane toads because...they're toads.cane toads are toads thaat are brownish and yellowishr

How do toads drink?

Toads drink by sucking up water into there body.

What does frogs have that toads do not have?

frogs live in water and toads live in trees

Do young frogs or toads live in the water?

Yes, the young of both frogs and toads live in water.

Are toads born in the water or land?

water Toads are amphibians and they lay their eggs (spawn) in water. The eggs hatch out into toad tadpoles which eventually grow limbs and change into small toads, which are then able to leave the water.

What lives on land and in water?

an amphibion, those like frogs or toads and some reptiles

What does the fire belly toads habitat look like?

mixture of water and land and leaves

What do toads like?

do you know what toads like well, here is what your toad would like your mom!

Are toads entirely ground-dwelling?

No toads are not entirely groud-dwelling because like most amphibians they are born as tadpoles and must live in the water.

Can toads be born on land?

Toads can not be born on land they need to be born in water so that they can get use to the water and they need the water to live......

What do female toads look like when having eggs?


Do toads like rain?

Toads are known to come out when its raining.

What are facts about toads?

Toads are found on all continents except Antarctica and are also not present on isolated islands likeNew Zealand, New Guinea, and Madagascar.A group of toads is often called a knot.Like frogs, toads also start out life in water as fish-like tadpoles.While toads and frogs are biologically the same there are some key differences between them. Toads are associated with a drier, wart-covered, leathery skin, and shorter legs than frogs. They also can live further away from water.Toads do not have teeth, so they do not chew their food, instead swallowing it whole.Toads will hibernate throughout the winter monthsThey do not walk like we do. Instead they jump on all fours and their legs are bent.

What do toads eat and drink?

Well toads drink water and toads eat insects and maybe vegetables it depends what specie

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