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Sandy soil is not the best for growing tomatoes because water and nutrients are lost so fast. You can add some good soil in where you grow tomatoes and that should work fine.

Sne45: I say "no". It has very few nutrients. Only sea oats could survive in such soil.

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Why watermelon grow well on sandy soil?

water melons grow well in sandy soil because it allows more air circulation

Will celosia or cockscomb grow in sandy soil?

Celosia grows well in sandy-loam soil.

Does rose bushes grow well in sandy soil?


Why cannot most plants grow well in sandy soil?

Sandy soils have little moisture and few nutrients. Therefore, most plants can't grow well. Adapted plants such as cactus have evolved to grow in sandy soil.

What vegetable plants grow well in sandy soil?


Crops that grow in sandy soil of India?

Crops that grow in sandy soil have the ability to retain moisture and drain well. These plants include barley and millet.

Will marigolds grow best in dirt sand or pebbles?

Marigolds will grow best in sandy or loamy soil. They can also grow well in a clay type of soil.

What does sandy soil do?

Sandy soil drains well, but is lacking nutrients.

Can cherry trees grow in sandy soil?

Cherry trees can grown in sandy soil as long as their drainage is good. Trees will not do as well if the water remains after a few hours of no rain.

What can you grow in soil?

You can grow things like vegetables: tomatoes, potato's and squash and such. You can grow trees as well as flowers, fruit, bushes, grass and vines.

Does a plant grow better in soil gravel sand or water?

Potatoes grow well in sandy soil. Many plants can be grown in water. Hydroponics is the study of growing plants without soil.

Can tomatoes grow in soft clay soil?

yes, well, kind of.... (See related link below)

Soil type of sampaguita?

Sampaguita can be grown in different types of soil. It can grow perfectly from a sandy-loam to a well-drained clay-loam type of soil.

Where is the best place to plant tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be planted in well manured sandy loam soil in sub-tropical climate during spring season. In temperate climate it may be planted during summer season in the same type of soil.

What crops can grow well in sandy soil?

cone flowers, veronica,blanket flowers,sedum,sugar cane

Would moss grow well in dry sandy soil?

I'm not really sure because i'm not that sciencey.

How are sandy soil and clay soil alike?

Both respond well to organic soil amendments such as compost, leaft mold, peat moss, etc in order to grow plants.

Characteristics of sandy soil?

Well, it's like normal soil but a lil bit sandy like.

Will Mexican petunias grow in West End NC?

Yes. West End is located in the coastal plain, and the sandy soil there will allow them to grow quite well.

Why sandy soil is well aerated and light in weight?

Sandy soil is well aerated because space between sand particles is quiet large.

Why cant plants grow well in soil?

they grow well in soil. that's what dirt is. dirt is soil

Would sandy soil help grow daffodils better?

Soil that retains water and gives daffodils "wet feet" will cause bulb rot and the plants/bulbs will die. Sandy soil is well drained and slightly acidic and that is a favorite of daffodils. Sandy soil will also make for slightly taller daffodils, which are preferred if you like cut flowers.

Which soil is suitable for the crops like cashew nuts?

Cashew nuts can grow well on a variety of soils. They are pretty draught resistant, so as long as they have some access to water, they can grow even in sandy soil.

How do you explain why palnt wont grow well in soil that is mostly clay and sand?

Plants need a mixture of sandy soil, loamy soil, and sand to grow well, preferably about 30% of each, because each supplies the plant with what it needs to grow. If there is no loam, the plant cannot receive as much nutrition and minerals from the clay and sand.

How do you plant squash?

In well drained sandy soil.

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