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If the transmission leak is visible from the outside try the RIGHT STUFF gasket maker. It can be purchased at NAPA auto parts. It starts to dry in one minute and is resistant to trans fluid. Do not put this material inside your transmission. Apply only to the outside of the trans.

my '94 Camry with 220,000 miles was leaking fluid. i used Lucas brand transmission sealer it fixed the problem .I'm at 268,000 miles now. good luck

I have had good luck using JB-Weld for cracked housings. Be shure to drain enough fluid from the trans so that the leaking stops. Clean the area around the crack with dishsoap and water, dry , scuff with sandpaper, and apply the JB-Weld.It takes about 12 hours to cure fully. Top up your trans and your'e ready to go. =o)

we have a 89 Mazda 323, auto tranny, that was "leaking from jus about everywhere it could" according to the shop. i put in some prestone brand Stop Leak for transmissions, and bingo, it hasn't leaked a drop for almost 500 miles now, and works perfectly.

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Q: Do transmission sealers work?
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