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Do trapezoids have 4 sides?

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4 sides :)

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How many sides does 2 trapezoids have and 2 rhombuses?

trapezoids have 4 sides, rhombuses have 4 sides

What quadrilateral is not a parallelogram?

Trapezoids are not parallelograms. Trapezoids are 4 sides with 1 set of parallel sides. Parallelograms are 4 sided with opposite sides that are parallel.

What do trapezoids look like?

Trapezoids always have 4 sides, and 1 set of parallel lines.

What are some trapezoids?

in mathematical terms trapezoids are 4 sided polygons that have two parallel sides

What is one difference between rhombuses and trapezoids?

Rhombuses always have 4 equal sides, trapezoids do not.

Are all quardrilaterals trapezoids?

All polygons with 4 sides are called quadrilaterals which includes trapezoids

How are trapezoids and rectangles same?

trapezoids and rectangles, are both quadrilateral (which means shapes with 4 sides). rectangles and trapezoids are also polygons.

Is a trapezoid a triangle?

No, trapezoids are quadrilaterals, they have 4 sides. Triangles have 3 sides.

Are all trapezoids are quadrilateral?

Yes because they have 4 sides

Do trapezoids have perpendicular sides?

Trapezoids do not have perpendicular lines.

How are squares an trapezoids alike?

They're both quadrilaterals (have 4 sides)

Do trapezoids have two pairs of congruent sides?

Only when they are isosceles trapezoids.

Do trapezoids have 4 interior angles?

As trapezoid is a quadrilateral. All quadrilaterals have 4 angles along with 4 sides

Difference between trapezoid and rhombus?

Rhombuses always have 4 equal sides, trapezoids do not.

Are all shapes with 4 sides the same shape?

No, there are squares, rectangles,trapezoids etc.

All Quadrilaterals are trapezoids?

No. Some quadrilaterals are trapezoids and some aren't.A quadrilateral is any drawing with four sides.A trapezoid is any drawing with four sides and two of the sides are parallel.So all trapezoids are quadrilaterals. But there are a lot of other quadrilateralsthat aren't trapezoids.

How many sides does a trapezoid have?

Trapezoids have four sides and exactly one pair of parallel sides. A trapezoid is a 4 sided quadrilateral.

What DON'T rectangles and trapezoids have in common?

Trapezoids have only two sides parallel; rectangles have all four opposing sides parallel. Also, rectangles have 4 right angles, which is more than a trapezoid can have.

Are trapezoids a parrelleogram?

Yes, because trapezoids have one pair of parallel sides.

A shape that has 4 sides?

Shapes that have four straight sides are quadrilaterals. Squares, rectangles, and trapezoids are shapes that have four sides. A rhombus also has four sides.

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