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Do travel agents earn commission on sales or are they paid by the hour?

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Actually, the answer is, "yes." I was, until this past June, a travel agent for 16 years. The cruiselines, tour companies, hotels and car rental agencies pay travel agencies a commission for selling their products. The airlines, by and large, do not, hence the service fee attached to airline ticket transactions. The agency, not the individual agent, collects the commission. So, if your travel agent is self-employed, he/she is paid strictly on commission. If your travel agent is employed by an agency, chances are most likely that he/she makes either a salary or an hourly wage, plus some sort of bonus based on sales volume. Since the price you will pay for your travel purchase does not differ whether you purchase from an agent or direct from the travel provider, your best bet is to find an agent you trust in a well-established agency, use a credit card for your protection, and take advantage of the resources, personized service and wealth of knowledge your travel agent can provide you. It is essentially a free service to you. here it is in simpler words yes

2009-05-21 21:15:24
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Q: Do travel agents earn commission on sales or are they paid by the hour?
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What commission does a travel agent earn?

Travel agents can earn from 10-19% depending on the package They now earn 0% on airline sales .. most Airlines no longer pay commisions Commisions thend to be higher with crusie lines that agent sells more of. Theses are the commisions paid to the agency .. the agency then pays the agent, if that agent is on a commission

How much does an insurance agent earn?

Many insurance agents earn their money by commission. If they do not earn commission, many would make around $25,000 and more yearly.

What are the main sources of income of a travel agency?

There are many income source of travel agencies like.1. Travel agents may invest money received from his customers as deposits and earn profit.2 .The travel agents collect commission from the customers on the facilities, services provided and by coordinating the customers.3 . As a commission agent travel agency collects commission by sailing the principal's services such as hotel, airlines,

what is the answer to A sale price will earn a commission equal to 1/32 of the total sale. What is the commission earned on sales totaling 24,000?

1/32 (2400)=$750

How much do travel agents earn in UK?


How much real estate commission do new home sales agents earn?

A real estate agent can earn usually from five to ten percent of a commission based on how much the property was sold for. they could earn more or less depending on how much the property is worth and what percentage the owner is willing to pay for the agent to sell his property.

Who much do new home sales associates earn?

The amount of money that new home sales associates earn varies. In most cases, they earn a commission from the sales which is between 3% to 6% of the sale price.

How do travel agents get paid and does the job want to make me hang myself?

I do not believe that a travel agent would have any higher suicide rates than any other regular job. It would depend on the mental stability of the individual. I have researched the salaries of Travel Agents and the national average is $68,000/year. It is common for Travel Agents to earn salary, but some also work on a commission basis.

In dollar amount what is the average commission for sales representative?

This question is unanswerable. The term commission indicates that the person is paid a percentage of the sales price. The commission they earn each week/month/year, in dollars, will depend on two things - (i) the level at which commission is calculated and (ii) the total sales they have made.

How much do sales associates make?

Sales associates make around 25,000 dollars a year. If they are on commission they have the potential to earn more.

What was Mr sellers' commission last week in dollars if he got a 6 percent commission from 1800 dollars in sales and how much will he have to sell this week to earn 120 dollars in commission?

Set up the problem and solve it: Sales * %commission = earnings (now insert the known numbers) 1800 * .06 = earnings (6% is the same as .06, now multiply to solve) 108 = earnings Now, to find how much he will have to sell to earn $120 using the same formula: sales * %commission = earnings (now insert the known numbers) sales * .06 = 120 (now divide both sides of the equation by .06) sales = 120/ .06 (do the division and solve) sales = 2000 (Mr Sellers needs to sell $2000 to earn $120 in commission)

What is the average medical equipment sales commission?

People who sell medical equipment usually earn a commission on the total amount sold. The average commission is between two and five percent.

Does an insurance agent earn a salary?

Generally speaking, insurance agents do not earn salaries. They are paid on commission for the insurance policies they sell. See the related question to the right.

How much does a sales clerk make a year?

A sales clerk makes around 17,000 dollars a year. A sales clerk can earn more if they make commission on top of this salary.

How do you use percentages in commission?

Most jobs where a commission is paid as part of their salary or in place of their salary. Normally a commission is paid as a percentage of sales, or as a percentage of income made by the company. The idea behind this is that it acts as an incentive for the employee to get higher sales and therefore, earn more.

What employees earn a specific amount of money based on the total of sales completed?

Sales people who earn money based on their sales are said to work on commission. They are commissioned employees. Not all sales people are commissioned, but you can find them in many types of retail establishments: clothing, electronics, and most commonly: car sales.

How much money do real estate agents earn in Australia?

The starting annual income for a real estate sales agent in Australia is around $49,000. Senior sales agents can make as much as $85,000. The average annual salary is $65,000.

John's salary is 1250 a month plus a 5 commission on all his sales. What must the amount of his sales be to earn at least 1500 each month?

He needs to earn another 250. 250 is 5% of 5000, so the answer is 5000.

If you earn a straight commission of 20 percent and you have sales of 2700 one day what is your gross pay?

2700 X .20 = 540 gross

How much you get paid for doing sales?

There are different types of sales positions. You can be salary, commission, draw against commission or paid in any type of combination. If you are paid based on a commission only structure you can earn $0 - the maximum cap the company has. I've worked in sales positions where I have earned nothing and others upwards to $80,000+. The best way to pick a position that will pay you the most is to chose a product that you are knowledgeable in, believe in, and that has the greatest commission potentials.

What would your gross pay be if you earn a monthly salary of 2200 plus 3.5 percent commission on your sales of 5500?

2392.50 commission: 3.5% of 5500 = 3.5/100 × 5500 = 192.50 → gross pay = monthly_salary + commission = 2200.00 + 192.50 = 2392.50

Staci earns 9.50 an hour plus 3 percent commission on all sales made If her total sales during a 30-hour work week were 500 dollars how much did she earn?

$ 300

What is the fullform of ote?

ote usually stands for On Target Earnings. It means the amount a salesperson would earn including commission if they exactly hit their sales target.

Commission in a sentence?

Also the opportunity to earn significant commission by referring others.

What is accrued commission?

Accrued commission is commission that builds up over time. Commission is what you earn, usually a percentage, from a sale of something.