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Tree rootsYes. Plants don't have brains, so death occurs differently for them. We cut a tree down and the plant will continue until the available food is used up, one of the reasons we can have cut flower arraingements.

Some trees actually possess the ability to germinate new saplings once the main trunk is cut or dies.

Not all trees regrow. Most conifers roots will die if cut down. Only trees with growth buds left on the stump will regrow.

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Q: Do tree roots continue to grow after the tree has been cut down?
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Do trees continue to grow after the tree has been cut down?

Most trees will not continue to grow once it's been cut down. It will allow more light for saplings to grow and replace it though.

Do tree roots still grow after a tree has been cut down?


List of plants that have roots that only grow down?

most plant roots grow down, not up!

How do a plant's roots break down rocks?

If a plant has roots that are inside cracks inside a rock, the roots can force deeper into the rock as the roots and the plant continue to grow, splitting the rock apart over time. This can happen when trees grow near pavements (cracks in the tarmac).

Why do roots grow down?

to get soil

Do Roots grow up and stems grow down?


What stimulus makes a plant's stem grow up and roots grow down?

There are many stimuli that make a plant's stem system grow up and roots to grow down. The roots absorb water and will grow downward in order take water up into the plant.

What causes roots to grow down?


Do roots always grow down?

The roots of a plant will always grow down. This is to help it find water. The stem grows upwards to find light.

When a pine tree is cut down will the roots still support a slope or small hillside?

When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to support your slope. Slowly another tree will start to grow. However, if you kill the roots they will eventually rot out and your slope will lose it's support.

Do aspen trees have roots growing down?

Aspen trees roots will grow to where the water is.

What makes plant roots grow down?


How do you get rid of banana roots if you have cut the plants down and want the roots gone so they don't grow back?

* Dig them out. * use roundup You cant use Round up if it has been cut down,

Do popular roots grow after tree is cut down?

Yes. Poplar roots will sprout after the main tree is cut down.

Why do plants grow long roots?

Plants can grow long roots so that they can reach moisture and nutrients further down in the soil.

Why do the roots grow down and the leaves grow up?

roots have more grip to hold on to the ground during storms..and roots soak water much more that leaves do..

Do roots from plants always grow down?

In most cases yes. Although a few species of Orchids grow roots any which way and don't grow in soil. roots can sense gravity, take them into space and they grow every which way

Do roots grow down due to gravity?

Yes.In most plants there is a tiny calcuim sphere that rests on a ring of growth area and roots grow towards the side of the growth ring so as always to grow down.

Do strawberry roots grow down or out?

Yes they do grow down, they can also create 'suckers' that are self rooting side plants

Do roots stop growing after the tree is cut down?

no they do not. They continue to grow and just below where the tree was cut off new growth appears. This is true unless the tree was poisoned or similar after being cut down

What stimuli produces a response displayed by a plant's roots searching for water?

Roots grow at random; when they encounter water they continue to grow in that location, and when they fail to encounter water they will wither away and die.

What is the effect of geotropism on root growth?

helps the roots grow down and the stalk grow up

Will a pine tree grow new roots after being cut down?


What is a phreatophyte?

The phreatophyte is a plant that can grow by pulling its roots down to get water.

Will a seed grow upside down?

Not under normal conditions. Plants respond to gravity so that branches grow up against gravity and roots grow down with gravity. Once a plant reaches above ground it will grow towards the sun or another light source. So you could continue a plants growth upside down using light but a seed will always grow the right way up.