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Do turtles eat cherries?

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oh yea, all the time. pretty much every day, just make sure u wash them first and clean the pits out.

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Can you feed cherries to your red ears sliders turtles?

no i have a red ear slider an he will proly get sick cuz hes not use to an turtles dont eat dat day eat turtle food or fish if its use to it

What happens when you eat spoiled cherries?

what cause when eat spoiled cherries

Which animals eat cherries?

While there can be lots of different animals who eat cherries, baby raccoon, rabbits, and koala are known to eat cherries.

Do raccoons eat cherries?

Raccoons will eat fruit so they would probably eat cherries.

Do cranes eat turtles?

they do eat turtles

What are choke cherries and can you eat them?

Choke cherries are cherries that can harm your body and mind.You cannot,i repeat myself,cannot eat them!UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP IN THE HOSPITAL)

Do koalas eat cherries?

No. Koalas do not eat cherries. Their digestive systems are suited to eucalyptus leaves and flowers alone.

How did you climb up a cherry tree where you saw cherries you did not eat cherries or leave cherries how is this possible?

i climbed a tree and it only had 2 cherries, you only picked a cherry, not two cherries

Do snakes eat turtles?

snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

What do snakes with no teeth eat?

Do snakes eat cherries?

Do owls and snakes eat snapping turtles?

Owls will eat soft shelled turtles and snakes eat turtles,but smaller snakes eat smaller turtles.yes,snakes do eat turtles.

Do turtles eat crabs?

No turtles don't eat crabs. but crab eats turtles for sure because turtles cant eat crabs.

What do 2 faced turtles eat?

they eat whatever turtles eat.

Do blacktip sharks eat turtles?

no the do not eat turtles

Can turtles eat bread?

Yes turtles do eat bread. Especially forest turtles.

What sea turtles eat and what eats it?

Well, sea turtles eat plants and seat turtles eat meatBest answer:Sharks or tiger sharks eat sea turtles

What do European Starlings eat?


Do squirrels eat cherries?


What fruits do kinkajous eat?


Can you eat cherries on hcg diet?


Will large turtles eat smaller turtles?

Yes, many turtles, especially the carnivorous species such as snapping turtles, will eat smaller turtles.

Do animals eat cherries?

yes raccoons , bears etc all eat nuts and berries such as blueberries , strawberries and including CHERRIES.

Do freshwater turtles eat fish?

No fresh water turtles do not eat fish.

Can you eat maraschino cherries while pregnant?

can u eat them or not

Can hamsters eat cherries?

hamsters can't be be fed cherries because they might choke on the pit/seed it is too big for them to eat it. You can take out the pit and THEN they can eat it. Kk.