Turtles and Tortoises

Do turtles eat dead animals?

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ues they do cause mines eat dead fish

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Do turtles eat dead fish?

Yes they do they eat other dead animals too!

What animals eat green sea turtles?

sharks eat sea turtles

Does water turtles eat dead turtles?

because they are hungrey

What animals eat turtels?

Yes, some animals do eat turtles.

What does black and yellow snapping turtles eat?

Common Snapping Turtles can sniff out carrion (dead animals), which they add to their diet of plants, small birds and fish.

What is an animal that feeds on dead animals?

Vultures feed on dead animals carnivores eat dead animals we eat dead animals.

What do snapper turtles eat?

they eat frogs smaller turtles insects and smaller animals

What animals do turtles eat?


What animal eats a turtles?

Alligators are know to eat turtles in florida. They crush the turtles with their jaws. There are also other animals that eat turtles.

Does a falcon eat only dead animals?

No but it can still eat dead animals

Do turtles eat plants or animals?

They eat both, they are omnivores

Why are sea turtles in trouble?

animals eat their eggs and there r many predators in the sea that eat turtles

How do turtles attract prey?

Turtles don't eat or hunt other animals, but eat plants and bugs. Sea turtles will eat small fish and plankton.

What Animals eat Damselfly?

Fish & turtles

What animals eat painted turtles?


What animals eat moon jellyfish?


What Arctic animals eat seaweed?


Do alligators or crocodiles eat turtles?

Both animals are capable of eating turtles.

Do termites eat dead animals?

Termites do not eat dead animals. They feed on wood.

What animals rely on turtles?

No one because Turtles are awsome, and if I find out you eat turtles i will HUNT YOU down!

Did the Paiute tribe eat animals and what animals?

yes they ate turtles

What do decomposing animals eat?

Decomposing animals eat dead animals.

What kind of animals eat jellyfish?

== == Sea turtles eat Jellyfish.

Do hawks eat dead plants and dead animals?

Hawks do not eat plants. They capture and eat live animals.

Why do animals eat their dead babies?

Animals eat their dead babies to prevent interaction with preditors.