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Oh yes. In fact I was just talking to a vampire the other day about the shoe-throwing incident involving President Bush in Iraq. He (the vampire) was discouraged, said it only showed that peace maybe unattainable in the Middle East. He's a republican, you see, very conservative, but then he's very old and rather set in his ways. Comes with being a vampire.


I think this depends on whether or not one actually believes in the reality of true vampirism in the 'traditional' understanding of the term. There are medical conditions which in some way do resemble vampirism. Those born with an aversion to sunlight or certain artificial lights. There are some people born with severe blood disorders and require regular blood transfusions in order to sustain themselves. However, to the best of my knowledge there are no valid documented cases of vampires existing, atleast in the 'Hollywood' understanding of what a vampire is. Even those with severe Allergies to sunlight do not 'burst into flames' or 'turn to ash' if exposed to sun. They may be highly susceptable to a stroke or deadly rash, but it is not nearly as dramatic as 'hollywood' portrays this to be. Additionally, people with allergies to sunlight do not typically 'drink blood' unless they have an additional disorder as well. This is not to discredit the existence of vampires in the 'traditional' sense. However, there is just simply not enough documented medical or scientific evidence to prove nor to disprove their existence at this time. As for whether or not a vampire can be killed by a 'knife' or 'stake' through their heart... What human or animal species would not die from having something plunged into their heart? I wouldn't recommend testing this theory, however, anything living dies from such physical trauma, unless they have immediate medical attention, and even at that, often times the individual or animal would likely not survive

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No, they do not, nor have they ever existed.

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Well,vampires are legends.All vamoire stories and movies are scary,but... the vampires DO NOT exists.

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no its just an imagination

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vampires aren't real ....

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Sorry pal, but vampires don't exist. Anyone who says so is either delusional or lying.

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In peoples imagination. In books and films. They are entirely fictional.

Where do vampire exists?

Vampires exist only in stories, films, and folklore.

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they never existed, they are mythological creatures.

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yes there are still some vampires in the world like in twilight.....they are of quileute tribes but not cold one

Does vampires still exist today?

It has not been proven for vampires to have ever existed. However, it is possible that they have existed and may still exist today.

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Vampires did used to exist and they still do but we are not the ones you need to be scared of, the ones that you need to be scared of are the werewolves

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no there is no such thing as vampires its just made up only in movies

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There fake.-----> They're fake Vampires are not alive. They are the undead

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It still exists

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