Do veins have red blood cells?


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Yes, they do. All of the blood vessels do.

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No, veins can not produce red blood cells.

you may find red blood cells in veins

arteries veins and the obvious blood

Red blood cells comprise about 60% of the cells in your blood vessels (arteries and veins) and heart.

Red Blood Cells and Blood/Air Veins.

The answer is veins, which simply run through the blood cells, white and red! The answer is veins, which simply run through the blood cells, white and red!

Red blood cells are found in arteries, veins, ventricles, and the heart. If red blood cells are found outside of these areas, there is usually a problem. Veins and arteries are found all around the body. Ventricles are found in the heart.

A blood clot is a mass of coagulated red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a network of fibrin.

blood maybe Edit: Most red and white blood cells come from the bone marrow and then travel in the blood through the veins.

because this blood has a low oxygen content

The different types of blood vessels are arteries and veins and different kinds of blood cells are Red blood cells (RBC),White blood cells (WBC) and platelets.

Blue is he color of the fat around your veins your blood is always red

When the red blood cells have offloaded their oxygen to the body cells, and are making their way back to the heart through the veins.

circulatory system is; blood (plasma, platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells), veins and arteries..if i remember correctly :S

Red blood cells don't function like normal cells. Normal animal cells make up your entire body, but red blood cells have a specific purpose. They bring oxygen to your body through your arteries and veins. White blood cells protect against infection. Red blood cells and white blood cells are called cells, but they are really not the same as animal or plant cells.

the heart pumps all of the blood includingplasma (like water)lymph (immune system)white blood cells (fight invading cells)and red blood cells (carry oxygen)the red blood cells travel through theveins (to the heart)arteries (from the heart)capillaries (distribute oxygen to cells)

Heart- The heart pumps the blood throughout the body. Arteries- The arteries lead the blood away from the heart (arteries= away) Veins- The veins lead the blood to the heart Capillaries- The capillaries absorb the nutrients and oxygen Red Blood Cells- The red blood cells act as a transporter

The type of blood that goes though the Veins, Arterys and Capillaries is known as Red Blood Cell, which are also known as Oxygentated Cells.

Red veins carry oxygenated blood.

Do red blood cells have to squeeze single file through arteries, capillaries, or veins?

yes but only in the veins and arteries and capillaries.

The red blood cells have a sickle shape, hence the name. They receive this shape from a protein in normal blood cells that is mutated. They carry less blood and block veins and capillaries easily.

Red blood cells are found IN THE BLOOD , ALL AROUND THE BODY.Your heart and veinsThey are found within the vasculature in all organs however i believe the answer your looking for is the spleen.

Blood, heart, veins, arteries, capillaries, etc.oxygenred blood cells do.

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