Do video games ruin televisions?

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On many older TVs, leaving a single image on the screen for too long will result in "burn-in" in which the picture is literally etched into the screen. Newer sets are specially designed to prevent this. Leaving a video game on pause while you go out for dinner (and forgetting to turn off the tube) may very well cause this. Unfortunately, several parents don't realize that screens have improved, so as a result, for fear of screen burn-in, these parents won't let their kids play Nintendo on that brand-new high-definition TV in the den. Instead they're stuck with the boring old black-and-white TV with a screen so tiny you have to squint just to see which way Mario's facing. The truth is, the new TV is actually more resistant to burn-in than the old one. Moral: Always turn off your TV when you're not using it!
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Why don't they treat tv the same as video games?

Answer . becouse the ad people gave money to the people to say video games are bad and not T.V. OR!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what the heack i am talking about but i like the frist thing i said.

How you install the video game TV scoreboard?

if the console you are talking about is the ancient dial controlled game, i can help point you in the right direction. the first thing that is quite opvious is you plug the coaxial cable into the back of the tv in the "arial in" inlet. once this is in you can turn it on and you should be able to hea ( Full Answer )

Do video games ruin HDTV?

The answer seems to be two part. If you have an old CRT type of TV screen then the answer is yes. If a static image is left on for extended time periods then it is possible for "burn in" to occur. If you have purchased a television in the last few years then most likely you will have no problem beca ( Full Answer )

What effects can happen in a tv for playing video games in it?

Depends on what type of TV you have. There is a chance with some TVs (Mostly CRT and old style Projection) that while playing games with HUD(Heads Up Display), or other objects in which their position on the screen doesn't change, an effect called burn in can happen. In which the image is littera ( Full Answer )

What is the best tv to play video games on?

A Sharp Aquos. To elaborate further: The best TV to play video games on are generally Plasma TV's with their high refresh rates and ability to display fast motion for games with minimal blur or lag. This is especially helpful with timing-sensitive video games. LCD TV's are second to Plasma ( Full Answer )

Why is tv and video game bad for you?

Staring into a TV (witch has a cathoderay-tube) or a game (witch has an LCD screen sometimes) can give you a headache from eyestrain (especially if you have had a seizure in the past). Plus, MOST of what's on t.v and in games is mindless garbage, souly for entertainment...........but not always ;)

What are the advantages of both the tv and video games?

Could there be a more difficult question? A tv lets you watch a large variety of things(the downside being commercials and the endless stream of re-runs), and video games let you control much of what happens in it and can entertain you long after the good shows end(the downside is the plot never cha ( Full Answer )

How do you hook a video game up to a tv?

Every video game console is different, and it must be a console. A standard video game console has a power cord, which is a cord that connects into a big black box, and then another extending cord that should connect into the wall for power supply, and three colored cords; red, yellow, and white. ( Full Answer )

Do video games mess up your tv?

yes, but not always. the "mess up" is a thing called burn in. it's whan a picture gets stuck on the screen and won't come out. the wii has burn in reduction to keep the picture from burning in.

What TV shouldn't you play video games on?

A tv that you probably should not play on is a small one because there are things like hidden secrets you would be able to see on a big tv rather than a small tv.

How do you play video games on your tv if you cant use input?

A TV without an input is a box that shows static. If you mean only an arial input, then you'll need a new TV. If you mean because the input is currently in use by another appliance then you can either unplug the other input or use a splitter. Radio Shack sells a small box called a RF MODULATOR that ( Full Answer )

What is the best video game tv?

Halo reach, second Halo 3, third Call of duty 5, than Call of duty 6, Call of Duty7,Call of duty 4,Call of duty 3,Call of duty 2,Call of duty,gears of war3,Gears of war 2,Gears of war,Metal of honor and the rest of all

How can you record a video game on your TV?

Things called Capture Cards are your answers. Things from a "Dazzle DVC100" to a "Happauge 1212" are little boxes that you take the output cords (audio and video) and plug them into the system, from there advanced systems (like the happuage) will have two output locations. One is the USB output whic ( Full Answer )

Does video games damage your plasma tv?

Absolutely not. In fact, some people say that plasma TVs are better suited than an LCD for a TV that will primarily play videogames.

Can you play video games on a plasma or a lcd tv?

Video games can be played on any television with a compatible input. However, if they are played on a plasma TV, there is a small risk of plasma burn. The effect is caused by static images being shown on the screen for long periods of time. It is seen as a faint ghost image that is overlaid on other ( Full Answer )

Do playing video games on your TV ruin it?

Playing a video game with a console connected to the TV, such that the game appears on the screen, cannot damage the TV. Playing video games while actually sitting on your TV could indeed ruin it, as TVs are not intended to be used as seating. If you suspect someone has been sitting on your TV while ( Full Answer )

Do video games and tv really rot your brain?

No, playing video games does not rot your brain. In fact, it helps your brain. Your reflexes become sharper and you can think faster than people who don't play them. You can really tell a difference. I'm not sure about tv though. If you mean a video game, no, but if you mean watching sitcoms and mov ( Full Answer )

Is tv better than video games?

This question does not have an objective answer. They are twovastly different media forms. This would be like asking ifsculpture is better than painting.

What is more unhealthy video games or tv?

Video games and TV are just as unhealthy as the other. No matter if one takes more "brain power" or not or are "more difficult to finish" or not, you're still sitting down, still not moving around, sitting on a couch with your game control in your hand and not exercising. An exception, though, is ( Full Answer )

How can video games or tv harm you?

Well, after a long while playing video games, typically my thumbs feel like they're going to break off, my butt may hurt and my eyes water up approximately every three seconds, causing temporary blindness. Gaming can also cause insomnia, geekiness, lethargy, apathy, loss of significant other due to ( Full Answer )

Does video gaming ruin plasma screens?

Playing video games on a modern plasma screen will not ruin the display. There are some precautions that can be taken to prevent 'burn-in' on a plasma display. As long as you mix up the game titles or use the TV to watch television broadcasts or movies, there will be no constant image in one area ( Full Answer )

Why are most video games on television?

hey there are no video games installed in the tv,right from the time u get it... if you download using pendrive then you may have it .some special tv have them.

Who thought of playing video games on the television?

Everybody loves video games in all types but on the televison you can't play games like virtual worlds you can play sonic super mario the games are very unique and only technical artists can design video games because they are physical video game experts I hope my answer helped you if you trust me t ( Full Answer )

Do video games damage an led tv?

No. Even if some visual elements of the game are static and remain fixed on the screen for hours and hours of play, LED televisions do not experience the "burn in" that old CRT ("tube") televisions did.

Which is better video games or television?

Go play videogames. Go watch TV . Go get some exercise . . The answer is neither. If you really wanted to get exercise, you have to get off the couch. Maybe you may burn 1 calorie playing video games, but it still doesn't matter for you will still eat food and gain weight. So, if you really w ( Full Answer )

How are video game consoles connected to a TV?

They're connected to a TV by cables such as RCA, HDCOMP, and HDMI. HDMI can play both the video and audio aspects of the gaming console whereas the RCA and HDCOMP can play both but they have lot more plugs.

Is playing video games healthier than watching tv?

Neither occupation could be described as heathly, in that they havebenefits to the health of the person persuing them. The closest to a health benefit you might get is psychological, butboth systems could be argued to have both positive and negativepsychological impact. For instance playing a batt ( Full Answer )

Is playing video games worse that watching TV?

Most likely the game is worse. It depends on what your standards,who you ask and how you see the problem. A TV program will end in a short while but a game goes on and letsyou restart right away if you have to. A TV lets you watch sex and violence but a computer game lets youhave a participating rol ( Full Answer )