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Yes,i,ve been with virgin for 6yrs,but every time i buy a new phone its t-mobile as they have a better range & cheaper & my virgin sim card works fine The only problem is the phone will have t-mobile settings but u can go on the virgin web site 4 the right settings

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โˆ™ 2011-12-26 19:58:19
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Q: Do virgin mobile sim cards work in T-mobile phones?
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Virgin mobile sim cards?

Yes, Virgin Mobile now uses the sim cards on new phones.

How do you get free telecom Mobile Top up cards?

The phones virgin

Can you use an ATT sim card into a virgin mobile phone?

Virgin Mobile now uses sim cards and ATT and other carriers only what customers to use their phones, so the phones are locked for use only on their network. If you get an unlocked cell phone you can use it on any carrier that uses sim cards. NOTE: Tmobile and prepaid carriers don't have Iphones on the service.

Where is it possible to buy Virgin mobile prepaid cell phones?

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Cell Phones and prepaid cards can be purchased at any 7-11 convenience store location. They are usually located with the prepaid gift cards.

Can you use a Cingular Sim card in a virgin mobile prepaid phone?

Virgin Mobile uses CDMA, so their phones do not take SIM cards.

Do Virgin mobile use sim cards?

Yes, like all mobile phones they need a SIM card to work.

How do I get my T-Mobile SIM card to work in my Motorola cingular phone?

you cant. tmobile sim cards only work in phones with tmobile service providers. however you COULD unlock the phone.

Can you have a tmobile phone and have ATT?

If you mean putting an at&t sim card in a t-mobile phone, no. Sim cards only work in phones that are the same brand.

Are there any cheap tmobile phones available for use with prepaid cell phone cards?

Yes T-Mobile offers great prepaid phones at a cheap price. You can find these phones at walmart, target and costco wholesale stores.

Can I buy gift certificates to

"Yes, Virgin Mobile does offer gift cards that can be redeemed for minutes or data plans on the pay as you go phones. I had a virgin mobile phone and it worked pretty good."

Do virgin mobile phones take sim cards?

At least some of their phones are do; all of their smart phones do and a few of the standard handsets use them as well. For proof, see the following link on the Virgin Mobile site for "How to activate your new SIM card."

How much does a tmobile sim card cost?

T-Mobile sim cards come packaged with certain phones, or can be purchased for $9.99. They are also available free through the T-Mobile website with a 2-year contract.

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