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Do vitamins make you pee more a night?


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2013-05-02 06:07:09
2013-05-02 06:07:09

(1) Yes I believe they do .

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(2) It all depends upon water or liquid intake . I am celiac and take Vitamins on daily need , in my case it is liquid in take .

It is individually different. I have an immune issue and use a schedule of vitamins/minerals for health issues (pharmacist/dr approved) and I do not find that using either of these increase or decrease my nocturnal urine output. My output is based on the intake of liquids.


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Depends on the vitamin. Some do, some don't

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== == dehydration...or certain vegetables, vitamins, herbs... something you drank with vitamins in it?

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Vitamins may make your urine yellow due to the amount of nutrients that were flushed out. When vitamins and minerals are not used, they are flushed out through the urine. However, I find that if I drink more, my urine is no longer bright yellow. Yellow urine is a sign of dehydration, and you may need more fluids to properly absorb your vitamins. Try drinking some more spring water each day.

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Drinking an excess of liquids will always make you pee more.

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it could be because the vitamins you have in it it could be because the vitamins you have in it it could be because the vitamins you have in it

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