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wasps do have enemies probably things like bees,hornets,and/or Spiders

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Wasps sting their attackers continuously

Yes, they do such as wasps.

Wasps do have a poison that they inject their enemies with. This is a defensive mechanism that these insects have developed because they are small.

it is an animal like protect it self in stinging on their enemies............nor to scare them with their black and yellow color.............Wasps protect themselves by stinging their enemies.

wasps Bees frogs people

Wasps protect themselves by stinging their enemies.

Yes, the Huntsman spider does have eniemes. They are Wasps, flies, birds geckoes, spider wasps, nematode, worms and egg parasites

Yes, the butterfly does have enemies. The main enemy of the butterfly is the bird. Other predators include spiders, wasps, and dragonflies.

Lady bugs have several natural enemies. These enemies are birds, frogs, spiders, wasps, aphids, humans, shield bugs, and assassin bugs.

fish, frogs, birds, predatory wasps, spiders, turtles and ducks

Predatory wasps, scorpions, centipedes, other tarantulas, lizards, and coatis

Enemies of wasps include a variety of invertebrates such as various species of dragonflies, hornets, centipedes, beetles, moths and spiders; birds such as blackbirds, magpies, starlings and wrens; and mammals such as bats, badgers, skunks, weasels and rats.

birds, wasps, small animals, and humansAmanda "the spider slayer" Calhoon

it protects it self in stinging on their enemies and scare them with their black and yellow color.

The bull ant has several enemies. They are echidnas, other ants, wasps, spiders, and humans. Most animals will not mess with bull ant, but some do.

Predators are birds, reptiles, and bigger spiders. There are also parasitic wasps that lay their eggs in spiders.

they are alike in protecting themselves, because they can protect themselves without helping.

With the stinger on its behind, it strikes the attacker with the needle- like spike. mind you, it hurts ALOT.

Type your answer here... yes they do have predators, wasp enemies are manly birds like bee eaters and other predatory animals.

No. Wasps are simply wasps.

the cats enemies are: dogs other cats of the same gender rats bees/wasps spiders racoons monkeys because my friend threw a kitten at a monkey and it ripped it up that was a Terrible thing to do.

There are nearly 300 types of wasps worldwide. The most common of these include: * Fig wasps - agaonidae * Cuckoo wasps - Chrysididae * Sand wasps (Cicada killer wasp) - Crabronidae * Gall wasps - Cynipidae * Velvet ants - (mutillidae * Fairyflies - Mymaridae * Spider wasps - Pompilidae * Digger wasps - Sphecidae * Flower wasps - Tiphiidae * Honets - Vaspidae * Paper wasps * Pollen wasps * Yellowjackets

Anything that isn't fooled by their camoflage and small nature; mantids, wasps, jumping spiders, other crab spiders, etc.

Red wasps are wasps that are red and they will sting you in the balls.

There are many types of wasps (over 100,000 species), but they usually fall into one of the two categories - solitary or social. Solitary wasps - mud daubers, pollen wasps, potter wasps. Social wasps - polistine paper wasps.

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