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Watermelon seeds do contain uric acid and can be used as a natural remedy for the treatment of gout. Gout is a painful inflammatory condition that affects the joints of the fingers and toes.

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Does wine contain uric acid?

NO - I wine does not CONTAIN uric acid

Are carrots high in uric acid?

Carrots contain no uric acid.

Do mushrooms contain uric acid?

Some mushrooms do contain purines which are broken down into uric acid in the body.

Does brown sugar contains uric acid?

Brown sugar does not contain uric acid but it stimulates the production of uric acid by the body.

Is eggplant contain high uric acid?

No eggplant low uric acid content

Do peanut contain uric acid?


Does soda contain uric acid?


Does rainwater contain uric acid?


Does cheese contain uric acid?


Are radishes high in uric acid?

yes. radishes contain high uric acid. espceially in gobi

Is eggs high in uric acid?

You can have egg whites as they are low saturated food and do not contain uric acid.

Does onion contain uric acid?

No. But eating onion helps to reduce uric acid content in the body.

Does urine contain acid?

Yes, uric acid and ammonia.

Does urine contain urea nitrogen and uric acid?

Yes, urine contains urea nitrogen and uric acid.

Do sweets affect uric acid?

Uric acid levels in the blood result from protein consumption; sweets contain very little protein and therefore do not affect uric acid.

Does lemons contain high uric acid levels?

No. They contain high citric acid levels.

Does apple cider vinegar contain uric acid?


Does salt contain high uric acid?


Do black olives contain uric acid?


Does pumpkin seed contains high uric acid?

it do contain.

What foods do not contain uric acid?

Any food that is made up of cells that have nucleus have at least some uric acid. Foods that have no uric acid are Milk and egg whites and some low fat cheeses

Does olive oil has uric acid?

No. Only garden cress and castor beans contain uric acid, as far as vegetation goes. Olives and olive oil as a result do not.

Which foods contain high Uric Acid levels?

Uric acid can aggravate gout or help to cause it. It can als cause obesity in some people. Some foods that are high in uric acid are spinach, mushrooms and lo fat dairy products.

What fish have the lowest uric acid content?

You should understand that when people digest protein, uric acid is a byproduct of that digestion. Fish does not contain uric acid, it contains protein. When you digest it, you will then produce uric acid. And all fish are high in protein. If you are trying to reduce the uric acid content of your blood, you will have to eat less fish in general. A vegetarian diet would work. Eat more avocados, less fish.

Can soy products can cause high uric acid?

Yes, soy products can cause high uric acid concentrations in blood. This is because soy products contain protein which contain nitrogen. Nitrogen is poisonous in the body if it forms ammonia; therefore, the liver deaminates the blood (removes nitrogen from it)producing nitrogenous wastes, one of which is uric acid. So, more soy products comsumption means more uric acid formation.

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