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Q: Do weasels live in trees?
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Where do weasels live?

Weasels live in nooks and crannies, holes on trees and under rocks.

Where does a weasel live?

Weasels live in holes in trees and rock or nooks. They will live wherever they can find a place that they fit.

What country do weasels live in?

weasels live in pearu

Do weasels live in forests?

weasels do

Do weasels live in grasslands?

yes weasels live in grasslands

Do weasels live in a set?

Yes, weasels do live in sets.

Do weasels live in Ireland?

No, there are no weasels in Ireland. There are stoats, which some people mistake for weasels, but there are no actual weasels in Ireland.

Do weasels live in the woods?

well some of them do. not all weasels live in the woods because they live in the wild

Do weasels live in the tundra?


In what Climate do Long-tailed weasels live in?

long tailed weasels live in every climate in the U.S.

What is the weasels food chain?

The weasels food chain is as follows: A weasels food chain is a predator. They prey on mammals. They can live anywhere they want to live. They can raise their children anywhere.

Do weasels live in PA?


Where do weasels live in and pictures?


Do weasels live in Pennsylvania?


Weasels life span?

Weasels can live up to ten years. The smallest species can only live up to 3-4 years.

What types of weasels live in a temperate deciduous forest?

Long & Short-Hair weasels The Least Weasel

Do Weasels live in a group or alone?


Do weasels live in Arctic?

Weasels live at both low and high altitudes because they are found in many habitats from tropical rainforest to arctic tundra.

Do weasels live in Chester County PA?


How do weasels adapt in the winter?

they live down in holes

Do weasels live on Vancouver island?

Yes, in varying areas of the Island. I've seen a few weasels for myself on the island.

Are there weasels in Virginia?

The long tailed and short tailed live there.

Do weasels live in Australia?

No. Weasels are neither native to Australia, nor have they been introduced to Australia. Weasels have been introduced to New Zealand, but New Zealand is not part of Australia. It is a totally separate country.

Which of the following only lists biotic factors that can be found in this ecosystem?

moss, aspen trees, weasels, and raccoons

Where do ermines live?

they live in holes in the ground since the dictionary says they are weasels, and burrows in Artic Tundras