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Whalse do Breathe through a blowhole

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Q: Do whales breathe through their blowhole?
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What do whales breathe through?

Whales Breathe through a blowhole, a modified nostril at the top of their head.

What is the name of the hole through which whales breathe?


What do whales breathe out of?

Whales breathe in and out of their blowhole. They are unable to breathe through their mouth because the trachea is not attached to the throat.

Which is mighty animals breathe through blowhole on top of its head?


How do Blue Whales breathe?

Blue whales Breathe with lungs. Through a blowhole - modified nostrils sitting on top of their heads.

Where are whales nostrils found?

They don't have nostrils, the breathe through the blowhole on the top

How do whales breath with lungs?

Whales breathe through a blowhole at the top of the head which has evolved from the nasal passage

What does blowhole mean?

A blowhole is what whales and dolphins use to breathe air.

How do whales breathe air?

With lungs, through a blowhole, a modified nostril on the top of their head.

How do beluga whales breathe?

Beluga whales Breathe with lungs. They Breathe through a blowhole on the top of their head.All whales are mammals. They breath air just like us. They have to come up to breath or risk drowning.

How does a whale get its oxygen?

Whales breathe through a nostril called a "blowhole" on top of their head.

How do killer whales get air?

They come up to the surface every few minutes to breathe through their blowhole.

How do humpback whales breathe?

Humpback whales breathe air by using their lungs. They can only breathe in when their blowhole is above the surface of the water. When they exhale, you can see a spout of warm moist air shoot upwards from their blowhole.

What is the stuff called that comes out of whales blowhole?

This may sound a bit stupid but i always thought that it was water that came out of the blowhole. Just like how fish breathe in water and dispence it throught their gills, i thought that whales did the same however through their blowhole?

Why do whales breathe through a blowhole?

Having the blowholes on top means the least amount of body pushed through the Surface when breathing.

How do spinner dolphins breathe?

They breathe through their blowhole.

How often does whale breathe?

they breathe through their blowhole

Do whales breathe air with there gilles?

Whales are mammals who breathe air into their lungs. Blowholes are a whale's nostrils and are located on the top or back of the whale's head. Blowholes are covered by muscular flaps that keep water from entering them when the whale is under water. In the relaxed state, the flap covers the blowhole. A blowhole leads to the whale's trachea and then to its lungs. Unlike us, whales cannot breathe through their mouth; they only breathe through their blowholes.

Can whales breathe though their gills?

No,they have a blowhole that breathes AIR not WATER.

Are whales and dolphins and porpoises mammals that breathe air?

yes by their blowhole

How does a whale get oxygen?

they breathe, just like the rest of the mammals on this planet. they breathe through their blowhole, on the top of their head. they surface and the blowhole comes out of the water and they breathe, just like we do. some whales can hold their breath for up to an hour underwater. when you see that spurt of mist that comes from the top of the whales head, that's the whale breathing.

What is the organ used by bluewhale for breathing?

Whales use the mouth and blowhole to breathe.

What whales have a blowhole?

All whales have blow holes to breathe, also to spurt out the water they suck in when eating plankton.

Do dolphind breathe through its gills?

No, dolphins breathe through a blowhole in the top of their head.

Do gray whales breathe trough their mouth?

No The Grey whale breaths through the blowhole not the mouth kind of like the dolphin breaths and talks through the mouth