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Do whales have hair?


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  1. A: Killer whales and bottlenose dolphins are mammals and one of the features of a mammal is that they are covered in hairor fur. Well killerwhales and bottlenose dolphins donot have hair covering their body, they may have a couple chin whiskers, but nothing more.

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Yes, whales have some hair(although very little).

Blue Whales are mammals. All mammals have hair. Whales have hair in small "puffs" the size of gold balls. It is not all over their bodies but it can be found on their heads and other places.

Due to the fact that humpback whales are considered to be mammals, then yes, they do have hair, whales and dolphins are some of the many mammals that call the ocean their home.

Whales have tiny hairs on their backs, and mammals have to have hair to be classified as mammals, and fish CAN NOT have hair.

no they do not have hair only when they are born but they do have scales

whales bodys are basically hairless, however some young have hair on their snouts for a time not to burst your bubble, but whales actuallly DO have whiskers on their chins

Some whales and dolphins do have hair on their heads. many have some hair on their bodies before the are born. They are mammals and all mammals do have hair at one time or another.

Blue whales have a bit hair on their skin as they are mammals.

no it is called ballen.

no becase they are mammls

The right whale is a mammal, so it has hair, not fur. All whales have a very very thin bit of hair on their bodies.

I think Killer whales are danger because of blond hair.

From the Related Link below: "A whale's smooth skin is an adaptation for swimming, and whales lose their hair before they are born. A newborn calf sometimes has a few sparse hairs around the rostrum." So they do qualify as mammals, because they have SOME hair at SOME point in their lives. All whales have hair they are mammals. All mammals have hair

Dolphins and whales both have hair because they are mammals.

well yah they are mammals even dolphins have hair

All mammals have hair. For example, whales, seals, and dolphins.

All whales have hair; it is a question of whether they keep it or not. Some choose to keep it; they all have hair as fetuses, and only several species leave it through their adulthood.

answ2. Some defining characteristics of mammals are :- that they have hair; that they have 3-boned ears; that they have a 1-boned jaw, Warm-blooded, and so on. So Whales DO have hair - not much for it would impede their motion.

well... i think whales dont have hair. Butt i think they have fur.... So yes they have fur.

Gorillas have hair, fingers, and climb trees; whales do not have these things.

in their mouth and back and bottom of mouth

A mammal is an animal that gives birth to its babies live (as opposed to hatching eggs) and nurses their young with milk. Killer whales do both. Mammals also have hair/fur. I believe killer whales do have some hair.

Whales do have hair: at least the young of some species have some vibrissae-like hairs on their snout (and even when these hairs are lost, the sensory terminals associated with them remain).

Not that I'm aware of. Dolphins and whales are mammals and they don't have hair.

Any mammal can have hair. Dolphins, Whales, Dogs, Cats, and all the others.

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