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Q: Do white boys find girls mixed black and white attractive?
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Do white guys find black girls attractive?

They did in the 30s...

Why do white girls go with black guys?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Why are some white guys scared to talk to black or mixed girls when they know they like them and always go with the white girls?

I am a white guy and it is really hard to approach a black/mixed race girl .We get this feeling that we will be turned down. Also the stereotypes of black/mixed race guys into the thuggish guys.

What do Hispanic guys think of girls that are mixed with black and white?

There are many things that Hispanic guys could think of girls that are mixed with black and white. Some guys may like it, and others may not, it is a matter of opinion.

What are Mixed girl?

A mixed girl is half and half she may be black and white example her mother might be white and her father is black or the other way around most mixed girls are tan and in the middle with very pretty hair. Most mixed girls known as Beyonce and Mirah Carey

Why do black guys go out with white girls?

Because Black guys are attractive.

Dose Justin bieber like white girls or black girls?

He likes both. Buut he prefers mixed girls bc as you see in like every music video he had or has none of the girls are full black or full whiteS I think his favorite breed is Mexican black mixed with white. That's it - Vic Walsh

Does white boy's find black girl's attractive?

ya,babe. I am white,13,from Canada and I am most attracted to black girls. they r so cute.

Why white guys call black girls ugly?

This is a bit of a loaded question. Not all white guys think black girls are ugly. There are probably some white guys that do not find black girls attractive, just like there are some that do not find red heads attractive, or girls that are tall, or girls that are short. Different people are attracted to different things. There are plenty of interracial relationships throughout the world. There are white guys that are only attracted to white girls. There are white guys that have no racial preference, and just go for the girls they happen to like. There are also white guys that are only attracted to black girls. To say that all white guys think all black girls are ugly is just false. It is an over generalization.

What were the girls of mixed black and white Ancestry called?

Mulatto or Mulattoes in plural form

What do white guys like about a black girl?

White guys like Black girls because they are very attractive, and have very nice personalities, and they're very caring.

Are light skin girls cute?

Yes, they are it doesn't matter if there mixed with white are black they are FINE.