Do white men love black women?

Can a white man love a black woman? Yes, quite devotedly.
I'm going to address this in general. Of course, there are always exceptions.
Some white men preffer black women because they find the type attractive.
Some white men will attempt to date any race of woman if she is also willing.
Many white (American) men veiw women of other races with the following steriotypes:
Latin women are 'technically' white and therefore are may be acceptable.
Asian women are "almost white" and therefore may be acceptable.
Black women are black. And, they come with associations of poverty, the ghetto, loudness, tackiness, non-femininity, and undesirable social status.
I'm sorry if this is offensive, but this has been my experience in dealing with many white males.
This white man LOVES big black women, the more the merrier!!!!!!