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Do wild horses hibernate?

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Wild horses do not hibernate. Instead, in the winter they move to warmer areas and find places they can stay warm and not freeze.

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Do stallions hibernate if its wild?

Horses do not hibernate.

Do horses hibernate or migrate?

Horses do not hibernate, but wild horses do follow a migratory track. Horses evolved on the North American plains and then migrated to Asia across the Bering land bridge.

Do Arabian horses hibernate or migrate?

Arabian horses do not hibernate as they must eat continuously to survive. However they may migrate to follow good grazing if allowed to live in a wild or feral state.

Do black stallions hibernate?

No horses do not hibernate.

Do horses migrate or hibernate?

Horses do neither.

Do wild ferrets hibernate?

Ferrets do not hibernate

Do SeaHorses Migrate or Hibernate?

Sea horses do not hibernate or migrate.

Do horses hibernate?

No they dont

Do Morgan horses hibernate?


Do bunnies hibernate?

wild bunnies do infact hibernate

Do sea horses hibernate?

No, they are sea animals. Sea animals do not hibernate.

Does a wild Shoe bill bird hibernate?

No birds hibernate.

Where do horses hibrnate?

They don't hibernate.

Do horses hibernate in winter?

They dont. =)

What animals do not hibernate?

Dogs, cats, horses, and koalas and only bears hibernate

When was Wild Horses - Wild Horses album - created?

Wild Horses - Wild Horses album - was created in 1980.

Do wild bunnies hibernate?

No they do not.

Do mink hibernate or migrate?

the wild mink does not hibernate or migrate for the winter

Do the panther hibernate in Florida?

No. Pumas and other wild cats do not hibernate.

Why do horses not hibernate?

Horses don't need to hibernate. They can find food in the winter. Bears don't actually hibernate, either, for that matter. They do wake up to eat, roll into a new position and give birth.

Do rodents hibernate?

Yes they do! Only in the wild though. If you have them as a pet then they will not hibernate I agree.

Do house geckos hibernate?

most wild geckos and all herps hibernate

Do hamsters hibernate and how?

No, pet hamsters don't hibernate, only wild ones.

Do wild boars hibernate?

They dont hibernate nor they dont even migrate

Where in the wild are horses born?

Anywhere that feral horses, or wild horses live.

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