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Wildflowers are perennials. They will rebloom every year unless something changes the environment.

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Q: Do wildflowers come back every year?
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Plants that come back every year?

St. Augustine grass is a plant that comes back every year. Other plants and flowers that come back every year include daisies and roses.

Will Garden Huckleberries come back every year in Zone 7?

The huckleberry is an tender perennial evergreen shrub that will come back every year in the southern zones. This is not the same plant known as the garden huckleberry, which is an annual and will not come back every year.

What annual plants come back every year?

Most open pollinated varieties that can self seed. Annual bulbs come back every year as well.

What are perennial and what are annual flowers?

Perennials come back every year, and annuals you have to plant every year

Do ducks always come back to the same place every year?


How many prepositional phrases are in every year in spring we plant wildflowers seeds in my mother's garden?

if it starts with IN every year then 3, but if it starts with every year, then its 2

What plants come back every year that bloom?

Herbaceous perennials.

When the swallows come back to capistrano?

March 19 every year.

Do bald eagles migrate?

yes they do but every year they come back to their nest and build on to it

Can Easter lilies be planted outside and do they come back every year?

Yes. Easter lilies can be planted outside after all danger of frost is passed. They are likely to come back every year. For information about caring for your Easter lily the first year, see the Related Link.

When do elf on a shelves come back?

the elf on a shelf comes back every December so you better be nice. well the elves come back every year 2 day befor thanks giving .

Is the show going to come on again?

Yes it may but it depends on the show for example every year they have iceskating shows and the next year they come back but there are also temporary shows which might never come back!

Why did the wildflowers in butterfly gardens has not grown back this year?

They were probably annuals. Annuals do not grow back, unless they reseed. If you want flowers that grow back, you need to plant perennials.

Does lobelia come back every year in zone 6?

i would say YES

Is it true that all vegetables are annual plants and they have to be re grown every year?

There are a couple of vegetables that are perennials and will come back every year, but for the most part vegetables are annuals that need to be replanted every year.

Do annual flowers grow back every year?

No, annuals are a one year flower. Perennial is the word you are looking for. Look for this word when you are buying plants or seeds. They will come back year after year.

What are perennial flowers?

Perennials are plants that come back every year.Perennial means that the plant will grow year after year.

Do begonias grow back every year?

Begonias grow from a corm and will come every year if not frosted or rotted. In some conditions it is better to lift them in the Autumn and start them again in the Spring.

In Harvest Moon Island of happiness how do you get cliff and Dr Trent to come back?

Like Popuri and Karen they are only there on holiday. They will come back again next year and stay for a month, this will repeat every year.

Does a perennial flower once then die?

No. Perennials come back every year.

Do petunias come back every year?

No, they are a annual. They complete their life cycle in one growing season.

Will brady come back next year?

He will come back next year

Do birds come back to the same location during migration each year?

Yes, birds do migrate back to the exact same location during migration each year. This is one of those things that puzzles scientists because they can't seem to find out how do the birds know where to come back every year.

Do chilli plants come back next year?

Pepper plants are annuals that do not come back from year to year.

Do kildeer come back to the same place each year?

Kildeer often do return to the same area each year, although this is not true in every case.

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