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Do women drink more wine than men?


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Men drink more than women but when they do drink men tend to prefer beer and women wine. So, yes, women drink more wine than men.


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That depends on how much you drink now. More than zero won't hurt; more than a bottle a day will.

wine is more effective than champgne, that's why most people don't drink it more than champagne.

France is the nation that consumes more wine than people in any other country.

The Greek culture loved wine (they diluted it with water: Red wine, and White wine), but the Greeks did not approve of women drinking it...according to a law, it was said women were only to drink water. Most definitely yes.

Red wine is healthier in moderation to drink than white wine

No. Pregnant women should not drink any type of alcohol.

Wine has significantly more calories than coffee. Black coffee has only 5 calories per cup.

No- alcohol is harmful to developing infants.

Principally wine, and more liqueurs than in the US, but other than that most common drinks.

Pretty much what we drink + more wine

They do not have a specific Christmas drink like Eggnog or Mulled wine if that's what you mean, apart from that they are like the rest of the world although they are more partial to red wine than most.

No. Cider is fermented apple juice and is more similar to beer than wine.

You can drink wine in moderation if you have herpes. If you binge drink, or do other activities that affect your immune system, you may be more likely to have an outbreak.

Very probable - cognac. Also: calvados, armagnac, champagne, pastis, absynthe, wine, beers The French, collectively, probably drink more water than anything else. Wine and Champagne

Because politicians drink wine and don't want to pay the CRV. One empty wine bottle weighs more than and empty 6 pack of beer bottles.

wine has more pottassium which is dangerous for dialysis patient. so avoid red wine

She is younger than 21, so she not legally allowed to drink.

Drinking wine (red or white) as well as beer and spirits in moderation has health benefits for women. It improves general health and increases longevity.

No, they cannot drink wine. It is illegal.

I'm sorry but I really think you should research your answer before putting it up here. If a diabetic with type 2 is going to drink alcohol at all - red wine is better and always with food NOT wine wine as you suggested here. 'It is best for diabetics to drink white wine and not red, because the red has more sugars in it than white wine. White wine also goes better with fish which is also good for diabetics to eat.'

Wine has more sugar than tequila.

no it is not safe to drink wine with methadone

Both sentences are correct (grammatically, that is; we don't know whether they're TRUE or not). The first is slightly more emphatic than the last, but they mean essentially the same thing.

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