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Some women might enjoy this. Others might be uncomfortable or embarrassed, and many women are ticklish there and would not find it pleasurable.

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Q: Do women like their feet licked?
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Do women like to be licked?

Sometimes I like it when my coin shaped area of my vagina is licked

Do women like their vagina's licked?


Do women love their feet licked?

Depends on their type of fetish. If they do then yes.

Do women like getting their vagina licked?

first they denoy,once it is licked they like more and more

Does women like getting licked by man?

she does but it depends how when and where

Does lori buckby like having her feet licked?

Yes she does

Why do women like their P's licked?

It gives them sort of a tingle.

Do older women in their 60s like their vagina licked?


Do women like to have their genitalia licked?

Yes of course they do. It arouses them.

Do guys like getting their feet licked?

Some do, some don't

Why do women like to have their bottoms licked?

every girls ass ive licked has loved it. about 20 girls f all races.

Do females like getting there feet smelled and licked?

most females dont

Do girls like to have their feet licked?

They do like their feet licked by dogs, but find it a bit uncomfortable when it is done by a human. Some girls do like their feet being licked while others don't like their feet to be licked It depends on the girl. Some even like their toes to be sucked. No way eww that is just weired i rather a foot massage that would turn me on!! Some girls do like getting their feet licked and other don't l know a girl that loves it, but other hate it or don't want to try it or just thinks it is plain weird. Well some girls find it better when a guy licks other parts of the body

Who likes their feet licked?


Do most teen girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked on?

Teen girls probably do but for women that depends.

Does Megan Fox like her feet being licked?

IM not SurE but i definetely know she likes having her low heel bootsoles licked. Theres a video of this were she is moaning and i heard she gets tied up and her boots licked and her anal licked also

Do girls like their assholes licked?

yes they like it licked real good

Do most girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked?

Many, but perhaps not most. If they don't, they may still like them to be massaged. A woman needs reminding that her feet are able to arouse, either naked or stockinged.

Do women like having their feet licked by a man?

No ,it is unhealthy and very weard to do.?! Yes! Absolutely love it! Especially between my toes and the balls and soles of my feet! It's the only time a man can keep going for a long time!

How do women want their vagina licked?

Ask your partner.

What is the purpose of the women's rights movement?

To get my balls licked

Do other lesbians like their anus licked?

Yes, a lot of girls like to get their anus licked.

Where do women like to be licked?

Pull up a little bit above the clit and lick that. It's amazing but not to much

Do women like getting licked by man?

Some do, some don't. Preferences are different in sex as in everything else.

Do women like their vagina licked?

Yes, they do if you lick it the right way. To some, it feels better than regular sex.