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You don't have to, the doctor can examine you effectively no matter how much or how little hair you have. Just come as you are :)

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โˆ™ 2005-05-13 04:09:51
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Q: Do women shave their pubic hair completely before visiting the doctor for a check-up?
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How do you minimize dengue?

By gonig to the doctor for a checkup.....

When do you need to go checkup from your doctor?

Every Year

Is this bad?

What do you need to know when going to the doctor for an annual checkup?

Date of last period.

Menstrual cycle twice in a month?

If that happens often you should go to a doctor for a checkup.

Do Jewish people go to the doctor?

Yes, when medical attention (or a routine checkup) is needed.

How do you know if mifepristone and misopristol worked?

When you visit the doctor 2 weeks after for the checkup he will see it.

You twitch a lot and make random sounds and talk a lot. is something wrong with you?

There are some conditions that cause people to twitch and make random sounds. Only a checkup by a doctor will tell if you are just suffering from stress, or if this is something that needs to be treated before it gets worse.Go get a checkup.

What is it mean if you have blue lines on your breasts and your nipples are white?

It means you need to go to the doctor and get a checkup?

What are the responsible to be a vet?

vets are to help all the animals and checkup on all the pets ..... or help the doctor

What is it called when a boy get his butt checkup at th e doctor office?

They are checking their prostate glands.

When should you stop your medication before your complete physical check up?

Never. Always check with a doctor before stopping or changing a regular medication. Also it would be wise just to tell your doctor for the complete physical checkup that you are on medication so he can tailor the results to take into account of your medication.

Where can you get a professional help about health?

By visiting a doctor.

What is your most embarrassing doctor visit?

i got a random erection then had to take off my clothes for a spinal checkup

How can you know sperm entered the vagina?

You can ask from your partner that if he ejaculate during sex. or you can go to doctor for checkup.

Is urine always yellow?

No actually, my urine has been black before and my doctor said it was completely normal!

Im 19 and you have never had your period is there something wrong with you?

Most girls have their period before they are 16, if you are really concerned, I suggest visiting a doctor.

How often should you see your eye doctor for a checkup?

Eye Appointment You should visit an eye doctor once per year for a regular eye exam.

What can you do if your doctor doesn't believe that you have PTST but you feel that you do?

go 2 da hospital n get a checkup wat is ptst

Are there a warning signal for cancer?

It depends where it is but always check yourself for lumps it if you have any queries go to your doctor for a checkup

What type of doctor to see for wellness checkup?

just a regular family physician will do or any one you regularly go to

Having a heavy bleeding for the first day of using cytotec is that completely abort?

There is no way I can know that. You have to go back to the doctor and get a checkup to see that everything is gone. Otherwise they have to scrape your uterus. Cytotec is a bit tricky since it doesn't work as well as RU486.

You got your period on the 7th then on the 22nd again what does this mean?

If you got your period on the 7th of the month and then again on the 22nd of the same month, it might mean that you are having irregular periods. Irregular periods are not all that uncommon but if this pattern lasts for 3 consecutive months, it might be worth visiting your doctor for a checkup.

Flattened membrane sacs that package a secretion?

See a doctor and have an STD checkup, if you have that problem. What ever it is, it sounds highly contagious!!

What is the most commonly place to get a checkup?

If you are referring to a personal health check up then your doctor would be the usual place to go.