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It seems she has seen one too many Bette Davis movies. Personally I would rather light my own. It's possible she is trying to be friendly, but how can you start a conversation while sucking on a butt? LOL

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What is conversation of light?

There is no such thing as "conversation of light". However there is such a thing as "light conversation". "Light conversation" is another word for social smalltalk - discussion about the weather, garden, holidays etc; what people do when they meet up socially and want to appear friendly and move from person to person talking without starting any deep discussions.

Can tar permanently turn skin a light brownish orange color?

Yes. This is sometimes seen in long-time chronic heavy cigarette smokers, on the fingers of the hand which holds the cigarette.

Are ultra light cigarettes really any better for you than light cigarettes?

No; a light or ultra light cigarette is not any safer than a regular cigarette. Studies have found that smokers will compensate for the type of cigarette (i.e., inhaling longer on a light or ultra light cigarette) ultimately receiving the same amount of nicotine.

How do you operate a cigarette lighter?

you open it and then light the cigarette by farting on it 3 times

How do you light a cigarette with no lighter?

Matches are a great alternative, or a car cigarette lighter

How long do you light a cigarette for?

your not supposed do do it at all. it shortens your life by 11 min. each for 15 min. we can light a cigarette.

Does light cigarettes have less tar?

The term 'light' indicates the flavor of the cigarette, not the contents. Therefore, no, there is just as much tar in a light cigarette as any other.

Do cigarette give out light?


Can you light your cigarette off of a light bulb?

only some light bulbs will light a cigarette. a normal one wont but one of the kinds that are so bright you can't look at for very long will light it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Light Conversation - 2013?

The cast of Light Conversation - 2013 includes: Amanda Ames

What do you light a cigarette with?

You can light a cigarette with almost any fire, but the intended item to use for this is called a cigarette lighter. Cigarette lighters may use lighter fluid or butane, and some are electric like those in cars or mounted on walls in older buildings.

How do you light a cigarette?

If lighting your own cigarette: 1) hold filter of cigarette in mouth 2) hold lighter in hand A (left or right, arbitrarily) 3) if there is a breeze, you may need to hold up hand B as a partial wind break while lighting the cigarette 4) light end of cigarette with lighter while gently inhaling, pulling air into the cigarette to enhance combustion of the tobacco and that the cigarette can stay lit 5) remove lighter from cigarette, as well as hand B, and continue smoking Or put another way: You would put the cigarette in your mouth, light your lighter or strike a match, hold the flame to the end of the cigarette, and inhale until it is lit. Then you put out the flame you used to light it.

Fuse for 97 f-150 cigarette lighter?

tell me where to find the cigarette light fuse

Light ciggarate in India?

There is no information suggesting you cannot light a cigarette in India.

Is there a difference between menthol and light cigarette?


How do you make a smoker costume?

Light a cigarette and stand there.

How much nicotine is in a marlboro light cigarette?


What do you breathe in in a cigarette?

1. you take the cigarette to your mouth 2. light it while inhaling. INHALE then exhale its not that hard

Are cigarettes made with butane?

No. Butane is in cigarette lighters, so you might get trace amounts of butane when you light a cigarette.

How much nicotine is in a Virginia slims superslims light menthol cigarette?

Virginia Slims Super Slims Light Menthol cigarette contain 0.5 mg nicotine in each cigarette. Each one also contains 6 mg tar.

If you can't breathe is it smart to light up a cigarette?

no, inhaling smoke, especially cigarette smoke will only make it worse.

Cigarette light not working on 04 lancer es?

It could be a burnt out fuse. Also, did the vehicle come with the cigarette lighter or was it purchased after you bought the car? I've noticed the cheap-os from gas stations usually dont work. I sometimes think it has to do with all these smoking bans!

What is something you light?

My fire, candle, cigarette, cigar, spliff.

How much nicotine is in a Salem ultra light cigarette?


Where do you get printable cigarette coupons?

sonoma menthol light 100's