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Here is advice: * No, not usually, actually you usually get a lower sex drive as you get older. But sex becomes better as women grow older, and they tend to appreciate it more. Sex isn't incredibly important, not compared to trust and love, and it is ok to not want sex a lot. * I am 39 and a woman who has been married up until seven months ago. I now love sex and am much more experimental.

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2011-07-16 03:15:10
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Some do and some don't. It just depends on their hormones. Some women can have more testerone in their bodies and other women can have less or an less of estrogen as well once they go into menopause and are past menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy (to level off hormones is risky and can cause Breast cancer, blood clots and heart attacks.) Hormones used for a short period of time may not have a risk factor to it.


As a guy and one that has a very hot wife I can only answer this as I see it in my life. My wife is ready to please me 24/7. That doesnt mean shes going to spread her legs ever time, she may be in the mood to give me a blow job or just a hand job.

Guys none of this will happen if you dont treat her right. Be attentive, listen to her, "SHOW" her you love her, tell her often what she means to you and mean it, pay attention to her, spend time with her.

Guys if this ounds like to much work, then why are you with her. In our 50's and we cant get enough of each other, well time for bed gotta go. And believe me were not going to sleep....I am one lucky guy.

One last coment, for you younger gals,if your not getting the things I mentioned above you might want to look at your relation ship.Your guy might only deserve to kiss his own hand and do him self.

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Q: Do women want more sex as they get older?
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Why do young guys go for the older women when it comes to sex?

Older women are more experienced. Men sexually peak in in their early 20's, whereas women usually peak in their mid-thirties, thus making the younger man/older woman more compatible for sex.

What makes women want to love a man and want to give more?

sex sex sexy sex. you must be sexy you must have a good attitude and gd sex

What do men really want in women?

sex sex

Why men want sex and women need love?

a women is more emotional .. man is simply all a man needs is a place but a women needs a reason to have sex :)

Do older men really like younger women or do they use them for sex?

well, some older men likes younger women for their personalities, but some they just do use them for sex. It depends on what kind of a person that older man is.

A reason a younger man might like an older woman?

for sex What? A jerk only thinks like that. Older women are more mature and can handle relationship well.

Why girls want sex every time?

Well they don't but all men and women are different and the sex drive as well. It's a myth that all men want sex more often the women and couples can be very different which can cause problems in the relationship.

How do you get an older woman interest is sex again?

I'm sorry to say I have the same problem all I can tell you is be patient and understanding. Answer Maybe it has nothing to do with age and more to do with something else instead. There are plenty of older women who love sex.

1600s high sex ratio men to women Chesapeake meant?

some women married older

What do American men want physically emotionaly and romanticaly from any age women?

Physically: they want sex. Emotionally: they want sex. Romantically: they want sex.

Do older women like younger men for sex?

hate to say it but yes

Do older women like teen boys for sex?

No it's wrong. The man should be older than the woman.

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