Lactation and Breastfeeding

Do women with large breasts produce more milk than women with small breasts?

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January 04, 2009 4:26AM

Yes and no. generally when a large breasted woman is coming into her milk, she may have more milk then a woman with small breasts, who is also coming into her milk. This generally settles down when feeding schedules have been more established and the milk production has settled into the supply and demand routine. There will only be as much milk as is needed in the breasts due to the entire concept of supply and demand, So if a heavy demand is placed on the breasts, then bigger breasts may have more milk in them then small breasts, but this is overly dependent, as i said, on the demand. A woman with twins, for instance, will produce more milk then a woman with only one baby, and this is between women with the same sized breasts. The more milk taken from the breast during a feeding, the faster it will be produced to replenish it. So the real answer is, Yes, but commonly, No. No. Not at all. I have fairly small breasts and have always produced an over-abundance of milk. I know plenty of large-breasted women who struggle with milk production.