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Woolly Mammoths are extinct.

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Q: Do woolly mammoths live in northern Alaska?
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Where the woolley mammoths live?

Woolly mammoths lived in Siberia, Alaska, and northern Europe.

Where does a Wooly Mammoth live?

Woolly mammoths lived in Siberia, Alaska, and northern Europe.

Where in north America did woolly mammoths live?

Woolly mammoths lived primarily in Russia and northern Europe. However, they have been found in the Arctic regions of North America. These mammoths lived in Alaska.

Did woolly mammoths live in michagan?

Woolly mammoths lived in Europe, Siberia, Alaska, through central Canada, and in the Midwestern region of the USA. This range would have included Michigan.

What era did woolly mammoths live in?

Woolly mammoths lived in the ice age

Did woolly mammoths lay eggs?

No. Woolly mammoths gave birth to live young.

What state did wooly mammoth live in?

Woolly mammoth primarily lived in Russia and northern Europe. The only US state that they have been found in is Alaska. Woolly mammoths lived on the Alaskan tundra about 10,000 years ago.

Where do woolly mammoths used to live?

water, wooly mammoths need water

Where do woolly mammoths live?

no where, their extinct (dead)

When did woolly mammoths live in Indiana?

in 5000 bc

Did woolly mammoths live in 1800 BC?

Most woolly mammoths died out by 8000 BC. The last surviving mammoths were a population of dwarf mammoths on Wrangel Island, and these died out 4,500 years ago, around 2,500 BC.

Did woolly mammoths live in groups?

yes they did they lived in herds

How many years did Woolly mammoths live?

200 years ago

What environment did woolly mammoths live in?

mostly the snowy tundra and praries.

What time to what time did woolly mammoths live?

last saturday-today

Where did woolly mammoths live?

It was generally assumed that the last Woolly mammoths vanished form Europe and Siberia.Answer:Mammoths were present in North America and Eurasia. The woolly mammoth was present in Eurasia until 8,000 BCE. In North America remnants of the species were present off the coast of California and Alaska until 1,650 BCE.Most of the Woolly Mammoths lived in the both Americas, and Eurasia, all through Siberia and Alaska. There is much new DNA evidence about where they traveled and how far. For more details, please see the sites listed below.

What is a woolly mammoths environment like?

Wooly mammoths have a very strange environment . They live with the mystic snorks deep sea. :)

Which animal is adapted to live in this climate best in ice age?

woolly mammoths

Where did the woolly mammoths live?

Woolly mammoths are thought to have started out in North Africa and ranged over Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

What habitat does a woolly mammoth live in?


What time period did woolly mammoths live?

Woolly mammoths lived from about 150,000 years ago until 10,000 years ago. That was during the Pleistocene series. The Pleistocene was the first series of the Quaternary period.

Where did mammoths live before they were extinct?

Mammoths lived all around the northern hemisphere.

Were did the woolly mammoth live?

The woolly mammoth lived in the cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Did mammoths live on plains?

Mammoths were grass eating animals. Because grass grows well in the plains, that would have been an ideal habitat for mammoths. In fact, woolly mammoths lived in the tundra, which are dry, treeless plains, and Columbian mammoths lived in the Great Plains.

What animals that are extinct used to live in the tundra?

Woolly mammoths Sabber tooth tigers

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