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Q: Do you accept the belief of reincarnation in African metaphysics?
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Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul?

reincarnation is the Hindu belief that the individual soul

Do reincarnation exists?

Reincarnation is a belief. There is basically no answer to that question. Sorry!

WhIch belief doesn't believe in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is not of Islam beliefs.

What will be the conclusion of reincarnation belief?

There will probably never be empirical (Western scientific) evidence of reincarnation. However, there are plenty of logical arguments for proving reincarnation from Greek and Hindu philosophy. It is my belief that these arguments are insufficient to conclude that reincarnation is real because they are not strong enough. However, if someone were to prove it using logic using their extreme keen intelligence people would accept it.

What is the Hinduism's belief in the afterlife?


The caste system was reinforced by the Hindu belief in what?

Their belief in Reincarnation.

Christianity belief of reincarnation?

Reincarnation is not a christian belief. You are either sent to heaven for eternity or hell for eternity, or you go to purgatory.

Did Catholics believe in reincarnation at one for it?

Catholic leaders do not endorse a belief in reincarnation.

Hiduism and Buddhism have a common belief in what?


Belief that people have many lives?


Do Hindu's believe in karma and reincarnation?

yes, Hindus have firm belief In The Law of Cause and Effect (karma). They also have belief in Reincarnation (punarjanma).

What is a belief that people have many lives?

Reincarnation is the belief that people have many lives.

What is the belief that the soul is reborn into diffferent forms?

Reincarnation, it is a belief of the Hindu religion

What is the term used to describe the belief that when you die you are born again?

That is the belief in reincarnation.

Why was reincarnation important to Buddhist?

Reincarnation is an important belief of Buddhism. It was introduced to the followers by the bringer of the Faith.

What is the Hindu belief in reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the Hindu belief that each person has a soul that will experience succesive rebirths until they achieve Moksha (release from the cycle).

What do Hindus belief about reincarnation?

Hinduism firmly believe in Reincarnation (punarjanma) or life after birth. Popular Hindu belief is that we are trapped in cycle of life & death.

Which belief Hindu beliefs do buddhists reject?


Which belief is shared by both Buddhism and Hinduism?


What do the followers of Buddhism believe in?

Reincarnation is the main belief.

Are there any scientific explanation for reincarnation?

no it is just a belief.

What is the belief that the soul is reborn many times?


Reincarnation is the belief that?

Each person has a soul which will be reborn.

What is the belief that upon dying the deceased begins a new life on earth?

The belief in reincarnation.

What is the belief that people have many lives?

The belief that people pass through many lives is Reincarnation.