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Do you all think cyrme tyme should come back?

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Will my hair grow back after boil in head is gone?

Depends on how the hair folicles were affected. I would think it should come back.

Can symptoms from chiari malformation come back after surgery?

I think it can come back

Will mariah parks ever come back to savvy?

I think she will come back! She has to come back, without her savvy is nothing!

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I don't think Snowkit will ever come back.

When will Wikipedia come back on?

it should come back on 24 hours after it shut down so that should be tomorrow

How come you have back and white people on this planet?

Dont' know but I think the question should read "Black & White People" not back & white people.

When will the Naked Brothers Band come back to tv?

I think it will never come back again. but if we can still support them it maybe they will come back

How does hollyleaf find her way back in omen of the stars?

She is probably alive so she should be out of the tunnels, so she should come back to Thunderclan or warriors will find her. some people think she loved sol but I dont think so. she could have turned evil and is wanting to kill leafpool, but i think she was just confused. I think she will come back to thunderclan and make things right, or at least there have been rumors that she will meet dovewing.

When you turn on your iPod should it come back exactly where you turned it off?

I think that all iPods should but unfortunatly not all do. It all depends on the model.

When will Shawn micheals come back in 2009?

he'll propably come back in 2010 well i think he will come back in the royal rumble and win it

Do You Think Jemi Will Come Back?


What year is the undertaker coming back?

I think he will come back this year.

How can you get your Elf on the Shelf back?

I think he come s back on thanksgiving.

Is Jeff Hardy coming back to WWE in 2010?

maybe but proply not he might come back to tna but he proply will not come back I think he will come back at wrestlemania 26

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Dizzywood should definetly come back since it was probally joint first with club penguin

When does max come back in Waterloo road?

I dont think he does come back, i have been trying to find out the same answer..

Will sailormoon ever come back?

most likely not but i think alot of people out there wish that it would come back.

Will the Reba show come back?

hopefully it will but most likely it will come back in a few years or so I dont think it will be brought back because of the fact that many of the actors have gotten older and may not be suitable for the roles they were previously in. But they definitely should try to bring it back.

When is bakugan dimensions going to come back?

i dont think it is coming back

When will The Vampire Diaries come back on?

In January i think on the 21st i think =) xx

When does Waterloo road come back on?

I think its september

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i dont think so

What are the release dates for Should a Wife Come Back - 1920?

Should a Wife Come Back - 1920 was released on: USA: April 1920

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to attract a lizard get spinach and place it by the place where you think the lizard is. soon it should come out. another way is to dig a deep hole and then come back to the hole the next day and there should be a lizard(s)

When will WWE lita come back?

i dont know if shell ever come back but i think she quit to become a musician.