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Many occupations require that a person receive a "bond", which is little more than an insurance policy that pays customers if you turn out to be a thief or otherwise steal from them or fail to perform as required. If you are bondable it usually means that you have a clean police record and reasonable credit. Bonding institutions want to minimize their risk before accepting you as a client.

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Q: Do you answer 'Are you bondable' on a job application?
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What happens if I lie on a job application and say I am bondable?

It is never a good idea to lie on a job application. If you are applying for a position that requires you to be bonded, it will become apparent that you are not during the application and hiring process.

What do they mean when they ask 'Are you bondable' in a job interview or application?

Bondable means you do not have a criminal record, so when asked: "are you bondable?" and you have a clean record, answer "yes."You can also get around this if you've been pardoned for your offense. So you're also bondable if you went through the pardon process and had your record sealed. See related link below:

In a job application they ask are you bondable how do you know?

When you are asked on an application are you bondable "means a person is deemed worthy of bond or insurance coverage. The insurer provides coverage for an owner-operator or a company employee if the insurer finds that party worthy of coverage" So essentially you have not committed theft or a crime equal to that or have a poor credit rating.

What is bondable in a job advertisement?

Meaning you have to have a clean criminal background so you can be bonded which is a requirement of the job.

What is the criteria for being bondable?

what is the criteria for being bondable?

Is everyone bondable?

People with criminal records are not bondable.

Job applications sometimes ask if you are bondable What does this mean?

You can be insured to handle cash and valuables A bondable employee is someone who can be insured to handle cash and other valuables. Employers need to get insurance for loss or theft of goods. People with criminal convictions, especially theft and fraud, are usually not bondable.

If a job application says you must be bondable do you have to go get bonded and if so where do you go in Michigan?

The company will take care of the bonding process, including paying the premium. That statement on the application is just a hint that if you have any felony convictions, or a long record of misdemeanors, you are wasting your time filling out the form.

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Job application form?

What is a job application? A job application is an application for employment used by companies to hire employees.

What does it mean when a job application asks 'Have you ever been denied a bond'?

This question means to ask if you are bondable. If you have been denied a bond it probably would have been due to a bad criminal record or background check which reveals information about you.

What does are you bondable mean?

Bondable usually means that an individual has no criminal record. Some companies also include credit history in the definition of bondable individuals.

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Is a person still bondable after claiming Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, a person is still bondable. They just have to be able to pay their bond or have a clear background check to be bondable.

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If you have a felony are you bondable?

You are not bondable if you have a felony on your record. The insurance company doesn't want the risk that comes with bonding a felon.

What does a job application status complete mean?

A "complete" status for a job application means that you completed all information needed for your job application--questions, attachments, etc.

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