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There is no "proper name" for an electrical diagram. They are commonly called circuit diagrams.

It is the graphical representation of the electrical circuit.

A wiring diagram is a detailed diagram of each circuit installation showing all the wiring, connectors terminal boards, and electrical or electrical componets of the circuits.

"schematic diagram" or "schematic drawing"

They are basically the same thing. Electrical schematics are usually for showing how basic wiring for say a house would be ran. A Circuit diagram is more for computer circuits and car electrical systems. That sort of thing. They are both showing how electrical power flows through a system.

the energy source cercuit the diagram with coultghmtr that destryos the circuit

Instead of actual component diagram,which might be very difficult to draw,it is a normal practice to use its symbol in a circuit diagram. there are standard symbols for almost all electrical and electronics components. not only they are used in circuit diagrams(to express the working of that circuit) but also in a number of warnings....for example the one for an electrical short circuit.

A "wiring diagram" usually shows how an appliance or other major piece of electrical equipment is to be hooked-up externally, say to its power supply and/or to other major pieces of electrical equipment. A "circuit diagram" usually shows how the electrical components, and the connections between them, should be made internally for an electrical appliance or a piece of electrical equipment. Circuit diagrams are also used to describe the technical electrical design of printed circuit boards, or some other types of sub-assembly, which go inside a piece of electrical equipment. ("Technical drawings" would cover the physical design of printed circuit boards or other types of sub-assembly.)

A circuit diagram shows the electrical connections, how it interacts and operates not necessarily how it physically looks. A location diagram would show the physical location or layout of wiring and components but not how it is connected or how it operates.

How to make a wireless remote control car plz give circuit diagram

A circuit diagram could be related to a closed circuit if the diagram is of a closed circuit.

the difference between the pictorial diagram and schematic diagram is that the pictorial diagram shows the external appearance of the circuit.while the schematic diagram shows only the electrical symbol of the circuit..

asda where can I find a diagram of the wiring box on a 2001 Renault clio? please

A mechanic may use a diagram for a Renault Clio to do necessary repairs. The diagram is helpful because it gives an outline of how the car is made.

i need a diagram of adrum brake on a renault kangoo do u have one

What is the circuit diagram for a scrapheap magnet?

sensing amplifiers and its circuit diagram

1999 Model Renault espace 2.0 litres 16 valve diagram

The electrical circuit of an 88 Nissan 300 zx consists of an electrical component with switches, motors, and relays. Its fuse diagram can be found in the driver side lower kick panel.

electrical energy>>>>mechanical energy>>>>heat energy

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