Do you become a god with your own earth in the Mormon religion?

According to their teaching, if a man and woman are married in the Mormon temple, they will populate a whole world with their offspring, and the man will be the god of that world. This may not be how the Mormons would describe it according to their technical theological language, but it is the basic idea. They get around the multiple god problem using language like: "Your god is the only god with whom you have to do." In other words, however many gods they may be, from your point of view there is one and only one; the others will never ever concern you. It is interesting to note that this approach is not at odds with some current theories of cosmology. There may be infinitely many 'universes' that exist or that could exist, not just very far away from us, but in 'space' that is parallel to ours in a multi-dimensional or quantum-mechanical kind of way. Plenty of universal real estate to accommodate Mormon sprawl.