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Yes, if you hear crazy stuff in your house and your byself then there is ghosts in your house.

Yes I do.

Especially when you've seen a couple, and I have.

"Yes" I do believe in ghosts. I read that the ONLY way to kill a ghost is to sharpen a stick pure water on it and then throw it through the ghost. this kills the ghost because ghosts are 95% dust powder and dust powder disintegrates in water. only 5% of the ghost stays alive, BUT after 2 days the ghost loses to much power and dies.


No! I think they are just made up.


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They can! Anyone can believe in ghosts!

Their are a lot of people that believe in ghosts, and their are a lot of people who don't believe in ghosts. No one really knows how many people believe in ghosts, but mostly thousands believe in ghosts. Some people can sense their presence, and the negative energy they bring.

No Hinduism doesn't believe in ghosts but they do believe in aliens. They believe in Asuras an evil civilization.

29% would believe in ghosts. 71% wouldn't believe in ghosts.

I am Muslim and in our religion we do believe in ghosts as "Gin" they do exist and we do believe in them. It is in our religion.

From a Habbo Chat: "Tokio.Hotel-VIP: No we don't believe in ghosts but we hope aliens exist." Apparently Bill does not believe in ghosts.

True scientists are not fool to believe in ghosts.

Some people don't believe in ghosts because they are not believers of the fact of ghosts being real.

A person that doesn't believe in ghosts are called skeptics.

Most people don't believe that you can get ghosts anywhere, because they don't believe that ghosts exist. If you do believe in ghost then I can see no reason, if you believe that can get them in some places, why you shouldn't also get them in France, can you?

There could be some ghosts around.

There are a lot of people that believe that ghosts are real. There also maybe people that believe in ghosts, but won't admit it.

48% of Americans believe in ghosts, 62% are skeptical.So 110% of Americans have an opinion regarding the existence of ghosts?

Not that I am aware of. But there could be if you believe in ghosts.

Ghosts are real if you believe in them. Monsters are not real.

Yes, they do. We believe in the Holy Ghost (God), and Satan uses ghosts for evil purposes.

We Do Believe in Ghosts - 1947 is rated/received certificates of: UK:A

The answer is actually 37%. Since 2007, more people have started to believe in ghosts.

There are people all over the world who believe in ghosts; this belief is not limited to a specific country.

because people who believe in ghosts die

I'm sure she does but you don't have to be afraid of ghosts!

Some people believe in ghosts because they think it is the only possible explanation for certain situations that seem otherworldly. Others believe in ghosts because they believe people go on living after the body dies, and that those people have the ability to manifest themselves as ghosts.

As a person who neither believes in ghosts and spirits nor God, I can still see it as a rational possibility to believe in ghosts and spirits but not God - just as it is rationally possible to believe in God but not ghosts and perhaps not even spirits. It is also possible to believe in ghosts and spirits as well as other gods, but not the abrahamic God. It is up to you what you believe, as long as you can rationalise your own beliefs and do no harm to others. Yes, you can believe in Ghosts (or spirits) and not of god. I have had experienced with Ghost [Energy] but not of a god.

Yes, although the existence of ghosts has not been scientifically proven.

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