Do you believe in spirits?

Yes, spirits are real, but they are not always seen.

They can be heard, felt, or smelled. They can also be contacted through different ways, the most famous and cheapest way is through a Ouija board, although it is very demonic in the sense that it is disturbing these spirits and bringing them closer and closer towards the mortal world.

from werewolfL yes they are i have seen 1 before....the way you can tell if the are there is if u hear footsteps or breathing. so if your brave enough 2 do that at your house i recomend it...but some spirits can be evil and try 2 hurt you so it can be scary if you don't know which one is on your side or no.


Yes. The Holy Spirit of the Most High God for one. You may not be able to see him but is as real as God is and God is real.