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Q: Do you believe that eating seedy fruits such as tomatoes and guavas lead to appendicitis or inflammation of the appendix?
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Can a appendicitis be caused in a car accident?

Is this a joke? Appendicitis, is related to your appendix.. Appendicitis happens when your appendix gets infected or inflamed from the inside... its internal not external, so no i do not believe you can get appendicitis from a car accident..

What is the cause of appendicitis and where can I found what is the cause of condition?

Appendicitis is a condition in which the appendix becomes swollen, inflamed, filled with pus. Experts believe that appendicitis is caused by one of two things: a stomach infection that found its way to the appendix or an obstruction of a hard piece of stool may have got trapped in the appendix. The bacteria in the trapped stool may then have infected the appendix.

Why is appendix non functional in humans?

The appendix is a finger-like appendage attached to the stomach which has become redundant in the evolution of humans. If an infection occurs to the appendix - a life threatening appendicitis will need a surgical operation. I believe it is one of the stomachs used by herbivores.

What could be wrong if pain is on the left side of the belly?

I believe that is appendicitis. Answer: The appendix is on the Right side so it might be a couple of other things. Either a tummy ache or perhaps gas. If the pain persist go to a doctor. Yes, The appendix is on the right side. However, when you have appendicitis you feel a sharp pain on the left side of the stomach.

Why do people get appendicitis?

I had appendicitis and my doctor said that I had it because of the lack of fiber in my body. So if you had appendicitis then you didn't take enough fiber as well. It also has to do with your diet. The way you eat as in how many times a day and what you occasionally eat. Nobody is really sure just what causes it. Some doctors believe it occurs when fibers or seeds irritate the appendix.

How do you cure appendicitis?

You believe in the power of magic.

Which language is the word appendix?

I believe that the original word appendix came from Latin.

What is the purpose of a appendix?

Some scientists have done some studying. They believe that the appendix is not so useless. They believe the produce and protect 'good' germs.

What is the lightest organ of the human body?

I believe that would be the appendix.

What is Lightest organ of the human body?

I believe that would be the appendix.

What is the inflammation diet and does it work?

There is not an inflammation diet. Inflammation means something that causes something to become inflamed. Like arthritis is inflammation of the joints. I believe that an anti-inflammation diet is what you are looking for, as opposed to an inflammation diet.

Can you rupture your appendix during intercourse?

No, unless you get hit very hard in the spot where it is. Your appendix is on the right side of your lower stomach, I believe. And the reproductive system is way behind the appendix. There is no possible way to reach the appendix during intercourse.

What does an apenddix do?

I believe that an appendix is an organ that cleanses the body like the liver

What kind of acid do tomatoes have?

Im not sure, but I believe tomatoes have citric acid in them.Love, -M;♥

What organ don't you use?

Most professionals believe the appendix is vestigial, or not used.

What is the work of the appendix?

According to the researchers, the appendix's job is to "reboot" the digestive system when that happens with the bacteria safely harbored in the appendix. Many doctors believe the appendix is a vestigial organ with no function and is no more than a blind ended tube connected to the cecum, from which it develops embryologically. x

The narrow binding sac extending from the beginning of the colon a vestigial organ with no known function?

The appendix (note, I believe they have now found a function in which the appendix is involved).

Animal like cat dog horse have an appendix?

In herbivores like horses and sheep, the appendix is called the "blind end" and apparently still does serve some function in digestion. I believe that cats and dogs to have an appendix, but it is not vermiform (long and skinny) like the human appendix; thus it may be less likely to get infected.

What causes stomach and right side pain?

The most common are irritable bowel syndrome, appendicitis, and kidney stones (believe me!!)

Why did people believe tomatoes were poisonous?

Because, the yellow seed had a substance that was unknown

Is the appendix part of the endocrine system?

The role of the Appendix is still a mystery to science, but some recent research has led some scientists to believe it is part of the fetal endocrine system, helping to support the homeostasis of the fetus. This is not the case after birth, and the appendix starts to fill with lymphoid tissue. This has given scientists the idea that the Appendix is part of the Immune System.

How many tomatoes will one seed produce or yield?

i believe that a single tomatoes plant will produce up to seventeen(17) or greater of tomatoes with just one picking. Then you'll get another picking off of it, so then you'll get another seventeen(17) or plus tomatoes.

Is the appendix part of the excretory system?

The appendix is not part of the excretory system. In the human body, the appendix is thin tube-like structure that is located on the lower part of the right abdomen near the cecum of the large intestine. It is not a vital organ in the body, and its true function is unknown to medical experts. However, some do believe that the appendix may be a storage area for good bacteria.

How does appendix get infected?

honestly i do not know i believe they havent found out yet how it does get infected mine has and i still dont know why

What did the Aztecs discover?

chocolate, potatoes, tomatoes, cocoa, tobacco do you really believe this i wouldnt