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Do you capitalize the name of a constellation?


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Yes, constellations should be capitalized.

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Yes. You always capitalize a name.

You should capitalize it if it is a brand name.

Yes, it is a proper noun, referring to a constellation and also to a star sign.

If you are talking about the name of a school, then yes, you have to capitalize the name.

the constellation and womans name is norma

of course NO....we don't capitalize it

When it is the name of a particular country, you capitalize it.

No, but you capitalize the name of a biome.

Gemini is a constellation of the zodiac. An alternate name for this constellation is the twins or Castor and Pollux.

Yes. 'Sun' is its name and you capitalize it just as you capitalize anyone's name.

The constellation got its name because of the winged horse.

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.

Yes because its a name and you capitalize your name don't you. :)

Yes...you should capitalize the planet name and the Sun. Just as you would capitalize each city and state name.

YES you r supposed to capitalize it :P

please capitalize your first letter of your name

You capitalize Apollo because it is a name.

You capitalize it because it is a pronoun and a name of something.

There is no other common name for constellation. (The term "sign" is related, but it is not the same.)

No, but you capitalize Bob. You would capitalize Mom when you use it as a name for your own mom.

The boy tried to name every constellation in the night sky.The name for a constellation can be different in any given language.

The Orion telescopes are named after the constellation with the same name, the Orion constellation. The Orion constellation is named after the hunter in Greek mythology also with the same name, Orion.

It is expected in English to capitalize names of people.

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