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In Popes
When it comes at the beginning of a sentence, it is combined with the name, used as an honorific or title, yes.
  • Popes have lived in Vatican City for centuries.
  • Pope Peter was the first pope.
  • I read about Pope John Paul, III.
  • The Pope (a particular individual) discussed the duties of the office of the pope (no specific pope).
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Who are the popes?

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, thus the worldwide leader of the Catholic church.

What does the word 'Pope' mean?

Answer . \nThe definition of Pope is "the head of the Catholic Church." It comes from the Greek word "papas", meaning "bishop, patriarch, or father".

Who is the Pope?

The current pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He took the name Pope Francis I . Pope Francis was 76 years old when he was elected to the head of the church on March 13, 2013. He was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina before stepping down because of his age. Pope Francis is the first non-Europ ( Full Answer )

Why are there popes?

Any institution requires a leader or visible hierarchy in order to function. This is natural to human nature and is thus present in human society and social groups. When Christ set up His Church He thus naturally gave it a visible hierarchy. The pope functions not only as a leader and thus rallyin ( Full Answer )

When can you capitalize the word you?

You can capitalize it when it is at the begining of a sentence, or if some one is named "You". (Which is very unlikely) Here is another tip: Look at the beginning of this whole paragraph, the word "You" is capitalized.

When do you capitalize the word 'at'?

Answer . At is capitalized when it is the first word of a sentence. It may be possible to find other times, but they would be infrequent, if they exist at all. Even in book titles, words like at are typically not capitalized.

Is the word pope a papan god?

No.. The word "pope" comes from the Greek word for father, "pappas", a title of bishops.

What does the word POPE mean?

The Pope is actually the Bishop of Rome. Bishop is the highest order in the Catholic Church. The word Pope comes from the Italian word for father. The Bishop of Rome was and is called father because he is also a priest. When Italians call out "FATHER" in their language, it comes out as "PAPA". To th ( Full Answer )

Why is there a pope?

We really do not know why Jesus Christ chose Simon whom He renamed the Rock (Peter) to be the first leader of His Church on Earth.. John 21:15-17 states:. When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?" He said to him, "Yes, Lord, ( Full Answer )

What were Pope Benedict's first words as pope?

The conclave of cardinals that elects the pope are secret so we will never know what was said right after the election of Benedict. We do the first word he said as Pope was "I accept" as he needed to accept the office and the second would be "Benedict" as he was asked which name he would use.

Why is the word I capitalized?

English speakers were egotistic and wanted the first person pronoun (I) to look more important than the rest (he, she, they, we, etc.). . Actually... back in the day, printers would have difficulty typing the letter "i", as it would often get lost or attached to another word. So, to make the letter ( Full Answer )

How does the pope spread the Word of the Lord?

The pope spreads the Word by loving and giving praise to everyone and he cares for one and another so if you ever ask that question the answer is faith, hope and love because he loves one and another and tells them to spread the Word!.

Does the word she get capitalized?

"She" would only be capitalised if it was used at the beginning of a sentence, or part of the title of a book or movie.

Words that are capitalized?

Any word that is the first word in a sentence is capitalized. All proper nouns and proper adjectives are capitalized. The first person, singular pronoun 'I' is always capitalized. Examples: When we visited Paris , John and I had a wonderful time.

Who was our pope?

I have no idea what you are asking. From 1978 to 2005 Pope John Paul IIwas our pope. When he passed away Pope Benedict XVI was elected and, when he retired, Pope Francis was elected in 2013.

When do you capitalize the word the?

The word 'the' is capitalized when it is the first word in asentence (as the beginning of this sentence) or part of a title("The Last Supper" or "The Cat In The Hat") . The first word in a sentence or title is always capitalized.

What is the word that written on the crown of pope?

There is an urban legend about a phrase written on the Papal Tiara (the crown), which some use to identify the mark of the antichrist. However there is not just one Tiara, there are about 20 in existence and none have inscriptions.

What is the definition of the word pope?

"The word Pope is the Priest of Christ,president of church which is the owner is God,the church is the body,Christ is the head...

Who is are pope?

A pope is the leader of the Catholic church, like a pastor for the Christian church or a Rabbai for the Jewish church.. Benedict the sixteen.

Why do they have popes?

to teach us about God and be the boss of the church. but of course god is the #1 head of the church then the pope

When youre talking about a pope should the letter p in pope be capital?

Answer . This is a question of English grammar, rather than religious dogma. When talking about popes in general, or when saying "the pope", it would be normal to use a lower case 'p'. When writing about Pope Benedict, it would be normal to use an upper case 'P', just as 'Mr' has an upper case 'M ( Full Answer )

What were Benedict XVI's first words as pope?

he first speech by Pope Benedict XVI was given from the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica: "Dearbrothers and sisters, after the great Pope, John Paul II, the cardinalshave elected me, a simple and humble worker in the Lord's vineyard. Thefact that the Lord can work and act even with insufficient me ( Full Answer )

When were there no Popes?

The Quick Answer: There were no Popes before Christ, because The Office of Peter (the Papacy) was established by Christ while He was still alive. The Real Question: Who was the first Pope? The Answer: Peter, the Apostle of Jesus! Check out Matthew 16: 13-20, Cor. 3:11, Eph. 2:20, 1 Pet. 2:5-6, R ( Full Answer )

Can you capitalize the word was?

I presume you are asking if the word 'was' is capitalised when it appears in a title. Yes, it is, since it is a verb. For example: 'I Was a Teenage Bride.' Obviously, if the word 'was' is the first word in a sentence, it is capitalised. For example: 'Was there anybody there when you arrived at th ( Full Answer )

Can the word was be capitalized?

' Was' is a verb. If it is located in a sentence, don't capitalize it unless it starts the sentence. If it in the First or Last word of a movie, book, etc., you would capitalize it. But sometimes it is the middle word of a title like ' Life was my Victory ' so you wouldn't capitalize it. Please ad ( Full Answer )

What does the pope have to be?

He must be a practicing male Catholic to become the pope but is usually chosen from among the cardinals.

Why are words capitalized?

In English, words are capitalized only when they are "proper" nouns, or if they begin a sentence. A proper noun is the name of a person or place, or a title of something. Examples: Barack Obama (person's name) President Obama (person's title) Washington (place name) All The President's M ( Full Answer )

Who is the pope and what does he do?

The pope is the Vicar of Christ. He occupies the seat of Peter, and is essentially Christ's chief apostle and leader of His Church here on Earth. The pope is also the Bishop of Rome. The pope's responsibility is to lead the church. As you can imagine, the responsibilities are incredible and divers ( Full Answer )

Who can be Pope?

Any validly baptized Catholic male can be elected Pope. However, before he could actually assume the office he would have to be ordained a Priest and consecrated a Bishop if the candidate was not already both of these.

Can you capitalize the word in?

Yes, if you just press shift on the keyboard and the letter, then it should become a capital. If the word 'in' starts a sentence, then it should have a capital letter, but otherwise it should be in the lower case. "In" is conventionally lower case in titles, too, unless the title starts with "in" ( Full Answer )

What is the word capital?

money ***************************** Could also mean: the main city of a country - London, UK; a capitalidea, meaning a good or excellent idea; an uppercase character suchas ABC, etc.

When should the word pope be capitalized?

It should be capitalized when it is a part of the title of aperson: eg. - 'Pope Francis' It should be capitalized when it refers to a specific pope: eg. -'Today the Pope spoke to reporters.' It need not be capitalized when it is used in a generic manner: eg.- 'There have been 266 popes in the Cathol ( Full Answer )

Did Constantine move capitals because of the pope?

No, there were no popes at the time of Constantine. Constantinemoved the capital because of economic and logistical reasons. The eighth-century forgery now known as the Donation of Constantineclaimed that Constantine moved his imperial capital to the east, inorder to grant the pope temporal power i ( Full Answer )

Why not to have a pope?

Because it is not God's way. God set up a system in which we can pray directly to Him. Jesus is our mediator, and go-between. No one else is needed.

Does the word bye' refer to the Pope?

No. It's a shortened version of "Goodbye" which in turn is a shortened version of "God be with you." It's a nice way to tell people you hope things go well for them until you see them again.

What words have the root word capit?

It depends in what form you would like to use the word. If you want the word "capit" as in head, ruler, or chief, you would like a word like capital or capitalize, but if you would like to use the word like "head" then you would like a word such as decapitate or capitate, meaning 'to cut off the hea ( Full Answer )

Does the word pope need to be capitalized?

Yes, At the begi n ni ng of the se nte nce a nd whe n it forms part of the proper nou n or whe n it precedes a perso n's name. . Example: . Pope Joh n Paul II . Pope Be nedict .

Are you the pope?

There is normally only ONE pope. There have been two occasions whena pope has retired, one of which was Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, whoresigned over health concerns and was succeeded by Pope Francis(Francis I). Clarification: There have been about 12 papal resignations for one reason or theother i ( Full Answer )

When Rome became the capital of Italy in 1871 the Pope of the Catholic Church did what?

. The Wikipedia article states that the last of the Papal States dissolved in 1870 when the French removed their protection. At that time, the Pope declared himself a prisoner in the Vatican; the following year, the capital of Italy was moved from Florence to Rome. At that point the Holy Father did ( Full Answer )

When is the word with capitalized?

Any word that is the first word in a sentence is capitalized. All proper nouns and proper adjectives are capitalized. The first person, singular pronoun 'I' is always capitalized. Examples: When we visited Paris , John and I had a wonderful time. The Parisian experience is just as ( Full Answer )

What did the pope do when Rome became the capital of Italy?

A: Pope Pius IX thought that by declaring himselfa "prisoner of the Vatican" he could bring pressure to bear on theItalians to return the Papal States to him. Far from being aprisoner, the Italians placed no restrictions on his movements.Pope Pius IX never backed down, but the papacy eventually re ( Full Answer )