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There isn't one more aggressive then the other, sex doesn't define who you are each person does.

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Q: Do you consider boys to be naturally more aggressive then girls?
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Are boys generally more aggressive than girls?

yes boy hamsters are more aggressive then girls

Are girls fitter than boys?

Yes, boys are naturally fitter than girls when they are teenagers

Is it true that boys are naturally faster than girls?

No way. Boys could be faster than girls but girls are fast too. It is not good to say that girls are naturally slower than boys. All people are different.

Who are more aggressive boys or girls?

Many people will be biased, depending on their sex, but there really is little difference in boys or girls brain structure or function. It is hard to tell, but the majority of people will say that boys are more aggressive, but girls do have a moderate chance of overtaking, or going into equal. Lots of this is hormones, and you have to consider the random mood swings during the puberty stage.

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No they were not. They are naturally boys.

Why do boys like aggressive girls?

Actually they do, boys minds are wired backward, girls like non aggressive boys and guys, ect. so, a boy may want to sex up a girl who is more out there

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Are girls more aggressive than boys in soccer?

Generally, no. Boys tend to be far more aggressive, particularly at youth levels. Some girls do play as aggressively (sometimes even moreso) than boys, and when they do, they tend to be better at it.

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well, boys are naturally stupid and girls are not so that is where the saying boys will be boys came from!

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It depends on how tough and buff the girls or boys are. Naturally, boys and girls receive the same amount of pain.

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