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You have both an involuntary and a voluntary muscular system.

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Q: Do you control the muscular system or does it function without knowledge?
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What is the importance of knowledge?

Knowledge is the awareness about our surroundings and without it we may not be able to know about the function of things around us.

Other systems work with the muscular?

Blood, cardio vascular, Respiratory, skeletal and your digestive system are all essential counterparts to the muscular system without these other systems the muscular system would not be able to function, its important to remember that the muscular system need oxygen, nutrients, hormones, gases and proteins and calcium to function and build.

Is it okay for a mother to get daughter birth control without fathers knowledge?


How is the human muscular system important?

this sounds like a homework question put....: the human muscular system is important because without it we would not be able to control our skeletonal structure and therefore without it we wouldn't be able to move.

What is the function of the skeletal-muscular system?

These two work together so a person can move. Without either a person can move.

Why the muscular system can not be removed?

because if you did you wouldn't be able to do common function like walk because your bones would have nothing to rely on to walk. your bones would be useless without your muscular system......

Application of muscular force without movement is called?

isometric- Application of muscular force without movement

How are the circulatory system and the muscular system related?

the circulatory system carries all the oxygen you breathe in and give it to the muscular system. that way, it can function correctly adn keep your body healthy. also, without muscles, the heart wouldn't function since it is a cardiac muscle.

Explain why the skeletal and muscular systems cannot function without each other.?

We need all 11 of our body systems in order to function. Muscular system provides ligaments, tendons, and muscles to make the bones attach muscles. Without the skeletal system, our body will not have any support. Without muscular system, we'll just look like a skeleton covered with skin. Also there are blood vessels and nerves in the muscles, and that's how we move and use our feet and hands.

Can your heart control your brain?

no but your brain does control your heart. also, without a heart your brain cant bunction, and without a brain your heart cant function. hope i helped

What age are you allowed to get prescription birht control without parents knowledge?

17 I believe: ask at the pharmacy.

What systems are involved with breathing?

The respiratory system has primary responsibility for breathing, but it could not accomplish this function without the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems.

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