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Do you drive your 1997 ford explorer with overdrive on or off?

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2006-07-10 06:27:33

it depends on where you are driving. If you are just driving

around town, you should probably turn the overdrive off, because it

will cause the engine to run at very low revolutions per minute,

which is not good for it. If you are driving on the freeway, then

you should have the overdrive on, because it will save you fuel.

However, if you are in hilly terrain, turn the overdrive off, so

that the engine will be running fast enough to climb the hills

without the vehicle slowing way down. Practice turning the

overdrive off just before you start up a hill, and give the vehicle

the gas to get its speed up before you get to the hill. This way,

you can maintain freeway speeds. When you reach the top of the

hill, turn the overdrive on again. Most transmissions today are set

up to shift up as quickly as possible, even around town, to make

them seem more fuel efficient. I have had a vehicle shift into

overdrive at 20 miles per hour, but as soon as I gave it a little

gas, it would shift down again, usually a couple of gears.

Consistantly driving an engine at low RPM's results in carbon

deposits in the engine, fouling of anti-pollution equipment, and

poor gas milage. By turning the overdrive off in town, you can help

to prevent these effects, and save yourself money on garage


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