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The Muslims must not eat pork, flowing blood, flesh of beasts of prey, flesh of Birds of Prey, dead animal, and any animal slaughtered other than in the name of Almighty Allah. It is the command of almighty Allah (God).

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What does pigs eat?

what do pigs eat

Do pigs eat tomato?

pigs do not eat tomatos.

Do pigs eat other pigs?

yes,if they get vicious enough they will eat other pigs

Do pigs eat like a cow?

Pigs eat like pigs, not like cows.

Do coyotes eat pigs?

Do coyotes eat you? If not, I guess they don't eat pigs.

Can bananas eat pigs?

no bananas cant eat pigs.

Can pigs eat ice cream?

Pigs will eat anything.

Do pigs eat roots?

yes, pigs can eat roots.

Do guinea pigs eat brussels?

Guinea pigs can eat

What animal do pigs eat?

Pigs don't eat meat they eat apples and slop!

Do pigs eat carrots?

yes! they do eat carrots.

Do pigs really eat pigs or is that just a myth?

pigs eat just about anything they will eat a dead pig if it is not removed from the pen

Can chickens eat pigs?

i dont know if they eat pigs, but i do know that chickins should not eat guinea pigs! though as they are bad for them!

Can pigs eat birds?

No pigs don't eat birds. Pigs don't eat meat, but all sorts of vegetables and fruit.

Do any animals eat pigs beside pigs eating pigs?

Pigs normally do not eat pigs. It is a sign of desperation if one does do that. Otherwise, wild cats, wild dogs and scavengers will eat pigs.if pigs are hungry they will eat . Also mother sows sometimes eat their piglets or sit on them and kill them

Could pigs eat salad?

Is it safe for pigs to eat salad

Do female pigs eat their piglets?

No, femail pigs do not eat their piglets.

Do pigs eat soup?

pigs will eat any thing you give them

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

no guinea pigs do not eat bread

What kind of animals do pigs eat?

Pigs are herbivores they do not eat animals

Do mother guinea pigs eat baby giunea pigs?

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Can pigs eat cooked potateos?

Yes, pigs can eat cooked potatoes. Pigs can eat mostly anything as long as it is food-related.

What do pigs eat out of?

Pigs eat out of these large metal tubs called "sloppers."

Will pigs eat cucumbers?

Pigs do not like cucumbers, but they will eat them if they are hungry enough.

What types of food do pigs eat?

Pigs will eat just about anything. They are omnivores.

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