Do you find quicksand in deserts?

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Can you find quicksand in Canada?

No, i can't find quicksand in canada

Can you find quicksand in US A?


What should you if you get caught in quicksand?

If you are ever caught in quicksand you are not to panic but to relax, the more anxious you are, the quicker you sink. Then while keeping calm you need to find something that can help lift you out of the quicksand.

Has an elephant ever been caught in quicksand?

Yes, sometimes elephants find themselves stuck knee deep in quicksand. Please refer to the related link for information on an elephant rescue from quicksand.

Can you find deserts in Maine?

There are no true deserts in Maine.

In the dog island how do you get past the quicksand?

To get pass the quicksand you need to sniff the wand thing. A dog at the dessert will find you! Then tell you where! So press him to tell you!

Is quicksand natural or not?

Quicksand is natural.

Three places to find Quicksand?

Arizona, marshes, and river beds

Would you find deserts in Michigan?

There are no true deserts in Michigan.

Is quicksand real?

Yes!Quicksand is real

Is quicksand solid or liquid?

A quicksand is solid.

How do you spell quicksand?

You have spelled it correctly, quicksand.

Does Ohio have quicksand?

Yes, north of Ohio but I still have yet to find some.

How deep is quicksand?

Quicksand is about a few feet deep

How do you find hot deserts?

deserts are hot during the day and cold at night

Can alligators survive in quicksand?

Yes, alligators can survive in quicksand.

Is there quicksand in a rainforest?

there is probably quicksand in some rain forests

Is dry quicksand dangerous?

Yes, dry quicksand is dangerous.

Is quicksand plural or singular?

Quicksand is singular. Quicksands is plural.

Why is quicksand dangerous?

Quicksand is dangerous because it can be difficult to get out of. However, unlike in the movies, it is possible to get out of quicksand if you remain calm and use your head.

Do you find deserts or camels in China?

Both Camels and deserts may be found in China.

How many floors are there in Quicksand Cave?

There are 15 floors in the quicksand cave.

Will a camera sink in quicksand?

Anything with weight and mass will sink in quicksand.

Is quicksand one word?

Yes, quicksand is one single word.

What happens when water gets into quicksand?

It makes the quicksand wet and soggy.

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