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Do you gain weight by eating small amounts and throwing it up?


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Yes, you can lose weight. You can also cause ulcers to your throat, erode the enamel an your teeth and stress your body into a heart attack. Eat sensible, learn to live with your body and don't even think about doing stupid stuff like throwing up. Hi, When you eat little, your body goes into overdrive and all the food you do consume, the fat from this food is stored in your body and yes, this can cause you to gain weight. Throwing up food is very dangerous to your health and causes stomach errosions, teeth enamel errosion and rotting of your teeth. It also causes ulcers and abdominal and even fertility problems. If you want to lose weight, then see your Doctor Who can help you. Dont go bullimic.


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yes and no eating small amounts yes large amounts no

Yes, eating massive amounts of pure cornstarch can harm an unborn baby. However, eating small amounts as part of a recipe will not harm an unborn baby.

Yes it can be, small amounts can be transferred to food when eating, or if you lick your lips.

Eating disorders are mostly psychological. The two main eating disorders are anorexia, when a person eats very small amounts of food and thinks they're overweight when they really aren't, and bulimia, when a person over eats and then tries to make up for it by throwing up. If this is happening to talk to a doctor, and most importantly, your parents.

Yes it can. Bread of all kinds (including wholemeal bread) is a refined processed carbohydrate. As with a lot of things, eating excessive amounts of it will make you fat. However, eating even small amounts of bread can cause problems, including weight gain or obesity, if you are carbohydrate sensitive.I stopped eating bread completely and lost weight. If you really cannot live without it, aim to have only 1-2 slices of wholemeal bread in a week.However, you may need to eliminate it totally if you are very sensitive to bread and other refined (processed) carbohydrates.

By eating small amounts but often your metabolism stays high. This stops you from pigging out at various times of the day. About 6 times a day is good.

I think eating really small amounts, in addition to occasional fasts, will shrink your stomach.

It really depends on where you got it. Some things in dirt are actually good for you in small amounts.

Obviously eating large quantities, will be harmful, possibly deadly. However, small quantities will have no adverse affect and will pass quite happily through the digestive system. If in any doubt - see a DOCTOR - ASAP Small amounts - no. Small amounts - no. No, but it is not advisable either. no,you will just digest it,but it is no advisable.

by eating in small portions

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder where a person limits their calorie intake to small amounts to none at all.

Usually registered dietitians reccommend eating 6 small balanced meals a day. This prevents you from getting hungry through out the day and then over eating. If you want to lose weight the Weight Watchers has a balanced plan

If they eat to much cheese its possible, but just by eating cheese, NO, cheese is not particularly healthy for cats because of the milk in it, but is not harmful in small amounts.

The key to successful meals for a post-Bariatric surgery patient is small quantities. Eating adequate amounts of high quality protein is critical. Cookbooks, such as, Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery are available at Barnes and Noble stores and website for less than $10.00.

For the easiest way, the fry is eating infusorions which lives on plants or in water.(comes in small amounts)

It is fine as long as in small amounts. If you eat to much it can be bad for you but a little is OK.

You may lose weight if you only eat small amounts, but you would be very unhealthy. The best way to lose weight is not to be lazy, and go exercise, and also have a very balanced diet, making sure you get in as many food groups as you can, and using the sugar and fat group as least as you can.

Diet drinks.. only in small amounts, can't lose weight if you drink soft drink all the time.

Yes, eating two meals a day is worse for gaining weight than eating several small meals a day. What really matters is how much and what you eat, and how much you exercise.

A little bit. Eating less that what you are used to. The key to loosing weight is being more active and eating less and balanced.

Eating healthy is always the requirement in managing weight through diet. You will find that a few small servings of fruit per day will provide more than adequate amounts of digestible sugars.

Eating full meals every three hours will make you gain weight normally. If you eat small portions and get the amount of nutrients you need and exercise then you'll most likely lose weight.

Although some people gain weight on Depakote, eating small frequent meals and not eating three hours before sleep has helped many individuals taking Depakote to lose weight.

If you reduce your caloric intake to starvation level it's possible to lose weight eating any single food (when the quantities are small enough). It is, however, unwise to do so.

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