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yes... i just recently burnt my tongue (2 days ago) and now i have a blister on my toungue.

SO YES>>>> you usually get a blister on your toungue if you burn it.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 02:01:40
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Q: Do you get blisters on your tongue when you burn it?
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What are the small purple blisters under the tongue?

Purple blisters on the tongue or inside of your mouth are called blood blisters. These can be caused by biting the inside of your mouth or tongue.

Why do blisters burn?

You can get blisters from a burn because it is your skins way to protect your skin. Reasons your skin may burn is because of wetness, scraping, or irritating blisters.

What are blisters on the back of tongue?

i have blisters on the back of tongue along with a yellow patch in the middle of tongue. started nystatin mouthwash. any suggestions?

Blisters and deep red around burn. wHAT KIND OF burn is this?

Redness with blisters is considered a 2nd Degree Burn.

What are blisters under tongue and on edge of tongue from?


What causes blood blisters on the tongue?

Blood blisters on the tongue can be caused by many different things. Some include trauma or injury to the area, biting your tongue, or an infection.

What is the red blisters on the back of your tongue?

There are multiple factors that could cause a tongue to develop red blisters. Vitamin deficiencies, geographic tongue, scarlet fever and Kawasaki syndrome are among these factors.

What kind of burn is blisters form?

Second-degree burn

What causes blisters on your tongue?

telling lies or herpes

What causes blisters on lips and tongue?

biting it constantly

What can you use to heal your tongue from blisters?

Fruit by the foot!

What causes blood blisters on your tongue?

Usually, blood blisters on the tongue are caused by trauma. However, they can also be caused by vitamin deficiency, infection, allergic reaction, and autoimmune disease.

Tiny white blisters tongue infants?

What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?

What degree of burn has blisters?

2nd degree

Can Vicodin cause tongue blisters?

I doubt the Vicodin caused the tongue blisters but it could have triggered the virus that is the cause of tongue blisters (canker sores on the tongue). They can be treated at the dentist office or a general practitioner's office. There is a solution that will help with the pain and treatment of the sores. If you have a dentist just go there and they will probably see you without an appointment since it only takes a few minutes to give you the solution.

Why has my Child got blisters on his tongue?

he or she most likely burnt their tongue. rarely it could be an allergic reaction.

How can yu get rid of the tongue blisters?

soak tongue in warm salt water a few times over.

What could happen if you have blisters on your tongue?

Go see a doctor.

Can TCP help fight blisters on you tongue?

TCP is a type of antiseptic that is widely available in the UK and Ireland. Yes, TCP can help fight blisters on your tongue but it must be diluted with water and not swallowed. It is fine to dab diluted TCP on your tongue or to gargle it.

Blisters under tongue and burning tongue?

go see your doctor i could be infected and if you leave it too long you could have tongue problems :/

What kind of burn has Blisters deep redness and shiny skin?

Second degree burn.

Which degree of burn involves blisters and damage to the epidermis and dermis?

It is a second degree burn

What burn has blisters plus damage only to the epidermis and dermis?

Second-degree burn

Which degree of burn involes blisters and damage to the epidermis and dermis?

A 2nd degree burn.

What type of burn has no blisters and only superficial damage to the epidermis?

first degree burn

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