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Some girls do get brown discharge before starting your period. Not all girls get it though.

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Q: Do you get brown discharge before starting periods?
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Brown discharge 2 days before regular periods can be pregnant?

No. It means that you have a uti

What is the brown discharge you are having between periods?

Brown discharge is actually old blood. Some woman, especially those with irregular cycles, will experience spotting between periods. Brownish-Pinkish discharge between periods could also be a sign of ovulation or implantation.

When do you starting counting the 1st day of your periods?

The first day of your period is the first day of bleeding - you don't count days when you are spotting (brown or pink discharge).

What is the brown discharge before a period?

that's normal. it's just signifying that you are either starting or nearing the end of your cycle.

Is it bad if you have dark brown discharge before your periods?

If it is immediately before (like 2 hours or so) then it is just part of your normal period. If it is a couple of days before then there may be a problem. Get checked out.

What is brown discharge after periods?

The brown discharge is normally old blood excreting your vagina and it should not be something to worry about unless it comes with a smell or causes u to itch.

What does it mean if you have brown discharge but not yet started your periods?

It means it's coming soon.

Is a brown vaginal discharge related to your period?

Brown vaginal discharge can be related to your period, it's known as spotting and caused when blood mixes with discharge and takes time to leave the body (thus going brown). It can occur just before or after your period, light periods may be only light spotting like this, or brown discharge can be an indication of bleeding for other reasons like hormonal imbalance or ovulation spotting.

If you discharge brown and your period starts late?

If you are not on your period or your period is late, and you get brown discharge this could be a sign that you are coming back on to your periods. This is nothing to worry about. If you are worried about it go and see your GP.

I have started my period 3 days ago but its dark brown is it periods or just brown discharge?

It is not unusual for it to be brown. It is very possible that it will change from brown later on. This is normal.

What color discharge do you get before your period?

Your discharge would be white before menstruation.You may also experience spotting so see brown or pink discharge.

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